5 Health Tips for Cheaper Health Insurance Rates


Health insurance costs have risen drastically over the last few years; therefore, it is getting harder to find affordable coverage. Most factors concerning the increase in insurance are out of your control. However, there are several health tips that you can follow to help you find cheaper health insurance rates.

Limit Doctor Visits – If you go to the doctor or emergency room for every little thing that is wrong with you, your health care monthly premiums could go up. Go to the doctor for yearly check ups and when it is absolutely necessary, but stay home and in bed when you have a minor illness, such as a cold, sore throat, or slight fever. If you think that you have a viral illness, such as the flu, the doctor cannot help you anyway. They will just instruct you to get some flu medicine.

In addition, some scrapes, bruises, or cuts can be dealt with by an ice pack or band aid. Buy a first aid kit and put it somewhere close by. Do not go to the emergency room unless it is an emergency. Emergency room visits will cost considerably more than a regular visit to the doctor. Also, do not make the mistake of thinking that you are better off without health insurance because the cost of urgent care without health insurance can be pricey. Reducing your doctor’s visits could reduce your health insurance rates and save you money.

Buy Generic Medications – Before you take prescription medications, make sure that you really need them. If you do, then ask for generic drugs. Health care insurance is less expensive if you do not require lots of medications.

However, if you do have an illness that needs treatment, follow your doctor’s orders. Many people have heart problems, mental illnesses, or other medical issues which need to be treated. If you do not take the medication as prescribed, you could end up getting worse, and your health care premiums could go up. Therefore, if you have a chronic illness, take your medication as prescribed, and your trips to the doctor will be lower.

Don’t Smoke or Use Tobacco Products – There are many different costs associated with smoking. Millions of people across the country smoke, and smoking could cause your health insurance to increase. Health care companies are aware of the fact that smoking will increase your risk for medical care, so they usually increase premiums for smokers. Some health care insurance companies will reject you if you smoke.

In addition, many employers will not offer health care benefits to smokers. The risk for lung cancer, breathing problems, or heart disease increases dramatically for smokers.

If you use tobacco, your health care premiums could also increase. Chewing tobacco can also pose many health threats. Therefore, the best way to have cheaper health care insurance rates is to stop smoking or using tobacco altogether.

Do Not Drink Excessively – If you drink a moderate amount of alcohol, your health should not be affected. However, you are at risk for health problems if you drink too much alcohol. In the world that we live in today, there are many people who abuse alcohol and even become alcoholics. If you drink too much, your risk of health problems, such as throat cancer or liver disease increases dramatically.

In addition, you are also more likely to get in an alcohol related accident. There are also many suicides or murders which occur because of alcohol. Consequently, insurance companies are reluctant to give cheaper rates to people who consume excessive alcohol because there are all sorts of health issues which could arise because of drinking.

Lose Weight – Obesity is a huge problem in this country, and excess weight could cause extra stress on your body. There is much more pressure on your joints, and you are more likely to have respiratory or heart problems. Insurance companies know that being overweight means more visits to the doctor; therefore, they will raise the premiums.

Almost all health insurance companies will use height and weight charts that will tell them what risk band you fall in based on your age and gender. Be sure that you know what your BMI (Body Mass Index) is and that you attempt to stay within the proper risk banding for your age and gender before you apply for a new health insurance plan.

Before you are accepted by your health care insurance company, they usually make you get a physical, so they will know how health you are. Go on a diet or explore wellness options, so that you can get your weight down. Saving money can be a good incentive for losing weight. By losing weight, you can not only live longer, but also save money on health insurance.

Choosing the Best Health Insurance – Health care insurance is expensive, but is important that you never go without coverage. You just need to follow a few instructions and stay healthy, and you could find cheaper health care insurance rates.

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