5 Health Benefits of Edamame

Edamame is one of the most popular Asian foods and it has become popular in other parts of the world as well over the time. It is a green vegetable generally known as soyabean and harvested before they get harden to quickly preserve and freeze so that the fresh flavor can be retained. It is one of the major food crops in the world and is consumed in a number of different ways by human beings to get the optimal benefits.

Instructions to Consume Edamame

Those who want to eat a healthy snack or appetizer you can follow the certain steps to consume edamame.

  1. Be sure it is well prepared as the flavor and pleasure of this food can be maximized by cooking it to perfection.
  2. It must be boiled until the pod of edamame begins to soften.
  3. Another way to consume this food is to prepare it by following different recipes that include oil, onion and parsley.
  4. It must be dried and salted to enjoy the tasty meal.
  5. Edamame pod split by some while others like to eat the full pod of edamame, however the traditional way is to tear the pod and to get the small green beans.
  6. Taste can be developed by adding salt and other spices to enjoy a delicious dish.
  7. It can be added into other recipes as well to enhance the flavor and appearance of the meal as edamame is of fresh green color so it gives a good effect.
  8. Salads can be made by adding fresh edamame.
  9. It is a good idea to fry edamame in oil for ten to fifteen minutes and then to add in main dish and salads.
  10. Edamame can serve as midday snack so a handful of edamame in your bag is an easy way to carry a healthy snack on go.
  11. It is used in soups and is processed into sweets also.
  12. The easy way to consume edamame is to boil the pod and then to squeeze the pod to get the beans out of it.

Nutritious Value of Edamame

As it is becoming one of the most favorite food items among masses so its nutritious value must be recognized by the people so that more and more people can get health benefits. A half cup of shelled edamame contains 100 calories and the nutritious value is given below.

Unsaturated fats 3 grams
Protein 8 grams
Fiber 4 grams

There are certain other nutrients as well found in this popular food item such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, thiamine, folate and copper. As this vegetable is rich in protein with high profile amino acids and is called complete protein so edamame is of optimum value for vegetarians and it can be used to supplement the body with high quality protein before and after workouts as well.

One more thing that enhances the nutritious value of protein is it contains a number of minerals and vitamins with good amount of protein, but does not contain cholesterol and saturated fats so the consumption of this nutritious meal does not add to the body weight so athletes, bodybuilders and people striving lose weight can eat it easily.

As the nutritious value of edamame makes it obvious that by consuming edamame optimal health benefits can be obtained so it must be included into the diet plan to combat nutritional deficiencies as in the present world most of us are unable to follow a balanced diet plan and rely on easy to prepare food items, junk and processed food so as a result various health issues take place.

Junk and processed food can serve the purpose of just filling the stomach than to become a source of energy and strength to the body as a result fatigue is experienced by a majority of people around the globe. The best option to combat low energy levels is to consume healthy and nutritious diet and edamame is one of the best options to solve all this health related issues as it is not only rich in protein, but also full of nutrients required to maintain good health as they offer the following benefits:

Health Benefits of Edamame

  1. Antioxidants are useful for the human body as they protect the body from free radicals and toxins because it is essential to maintain the good health and strengthen the immune system of the body so eating the food rich in antioxidants is of core importance to the body and edamame is one of the best sources to provide the body with antioxidants.
  2. As protein is called the building block of body and is needed t build strong muscles and tissues edamame is higher in protein than soyabean 86 % so consuming it is beneficial for all especially for those who want to lose weight because it is a low fats protein rich snack.
  3. Edamame contains fiber as well and fiber intake is good to health as it is good for digestion of the food and it is useful to keep the cholesterol level low that reduces the risk of heart attack.
  4. Edamame prevents cravings and keeps you full for longer periods of time so you don’t eat unhealthy meals.
  5. Edamame contains anti-inflammatory properties and prevents you from inflammatory conditions.

All the health benefits and nutritious value of edamame are enough to add it into the diet plan to get optimal health benefits without being afraid of the side effects as it is a natural food item and is safe to use without seeking the advice of a dietitian, trainer or doctor.

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