5 Hair Care Tips Applied for a Better Body

Pick up any women’s magazine and you’ll read an article on hair care. There are tips from choosing the best hair color to how to get the right haircut. If you read every article one tip will be consistent across the board – consistent maintenance is the key to healthy hair. If you read closely, the tips for healthy hair are close to if not identical to tips for a healthy body.

Read on to learn some basic treatments for your hair that work for your body, too!

Healthy Habit #1: Keep your body in top condition.

Most stylists recommend investing in quality products to care for your hair and it shouldn’t be any different for your body. To keep your body in top condition what you put into it is more important than ever, especially as you age! In fact, some dieticians claim that your fitness success is 70 percent nutrition and 30 percent exercise. Healthy eating is by far the best way to keep your body in top condition. Gear up with a tool such as the myfitnesspal website (also available as an app on your phone) to improve your food choices and increase your likelihood for success.

Healthy Habit #2: Give yourself a rest.

Too much bleaching can strip your hair of its natural luster and so can too many workouts. While it’s important to be active on a regular basis it’s also important to take the necessary breaks for your body to recover and refuel. Listen to your body and take notice of any after-workout aches or pains. Any nagging problem calls for a doctor’s visit. Otherwise, if you feel too tired to go all out, opt for a low intensity walk.

Healthy Habit #3: Change things up.

The right haircut can reduce root stress and give you a new look. Changing your workout has the same effect. If you walk the same route, reverse it. If you jog up the same hill, try walking down the hill to work your quads more. As you age you might find that the workouts that you did in the past don’t give you the same results now. Don’t despair! Change things up every 2-3 weeks to keep things fresh.

Healthy Habit #4: Consult the experts.

It pays to consult with an expert. When it comes to your hair and your body, avoid the temptation to skimp. A certified trainer is a great investment that will give you the tools to avoid injury and see results. Organizations like the “American Council on Exercise” have a wealth of capable trainers to choose from, or you can consult with the management at your local gym.

Healthy Habit #5: Avoid anything extreme.

Changing your hair color from light to dark or vice versa is like going from a couch potato to Cross Fit – not a good idea. If a Cross Fit workout is something you want to try, start now by building up some endurance. Increase your walk time five minutes every week until you reach the one-hour mark. Afterwards, perform jogging intervals; jog for two minutes and walk for one minute for a total of thirty minutes.

Taking care of your body is important so use the same schedule you’d use for your hair. All the little things you do will make a difference for a healthier you

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