5 Great Educational Toys for Babies

Are you ready to take your baby up a notch on the educational scale? Instead of brainless toys like rattles, and teething rings, you want something to stimulate their minds and fingers. There are many great educational toys for babies. Here are five of the best educational toys you should consider adding to your babies playtime.

5 Great Educational Toys for Babies

1. The ImagiPlay Number Snail Puzzle – This is a very colorful puzzle, filled with bright colors. Each piece of the puzzle includes a number you can point to and tell your baby what the number is. Every piece is a separate color. The large pieces are easy for your baby to pickup and play with. It will be an interactive toy you and your baby can play with together. Fully assembled it is in the shape of a large, cute snail.

2. The Galt Giant Soft Book – Every baby needs a book to get them started in the excitement of reading and turning pages. This fabric book is the perfect place to start. With the soft fabric pages, bright colors, and different textures it is a book your baby will enjoy exploring. It is safe for them to play with on their own, with no dangers of chewing off a corner and swallowing paper.

3. LeapFrog Hug and Learn Baby Tad Plush – Does your baby love stuffed animals and cute critters? This little frog is covered with flashing lighted buttons, and makes sounds when they push the buttons, and touch spots. It plays songs, and can even be set to play a soft lullaby when trying to get your baby to sleep. It is a fun toy, which teaches them about cause and effect.

4. IQ Baby’s Knock-Knock Blocks – These over-sized fabric building blocks are perfect for your baby’s play time. They can learn to stack and build. They will have fun knocking down all the blocks. The blocks are very lightweight, making them easy for your baby to handle. Being soft and light makes them safe for your baby, even if their tower of fun falls on top of them.

5. Infantino Colors and Shapes Mover Toy – Your infant needs a sorting toy, and this one is 100% cute, and great fun. It is in the shape of a little cow. When your baby puts the pieces in the correct slots the cow will moo at them. With the colorful pieces, and their fun shapes, you baby will be giggling trying to make the cow moo. It is a great toy to help them learn motor skills, and using their eyes to learn to detect the differences in shapes.

Great educational toys for babies are becoming easier to find, as manufacturers are learning how important the education of even our youngest children is to their parents. Make sure you give your baby plenty of opportunities to learn with exciting educational toys. Companies like LeapFrog, Galt, Baby Einstein, and IQ Baby specialize in toys to satisfy your baby’s curiosity.

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