5 Discreet Ways to Wear Medical Alert IDs


Medical safety alerts are incredibly important if you suffer from a recurring illness or severe allergy, but it can also be difficult to explain your alert jewelry to friends and coworkers if you don’t want them to realize you’re wearing medical alert jewelry. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can discreetly include medical alert jewelry into your attire that can help you avoid any embarrassment or uncomfortable situations. If you need to wear a medical ID, here are a few ways you can stay safe without wearing your ailment on your sleeve.

Medical ID Bracelet

Many people avoid wearing medical IDs because they think of bulky, obtrusive jewelry. However, there are a number of ways you can accurately display your information to health professionals while still making a fashion statement. Hope Paige Designs offers a number of stylish medical ID bracelets in metals, leather or beaded bracelets to match your personal style. If you prefer something more utilitarian, you can opt for a watch with medical safety information etched or written inside the watch band.

Necklaces and Dog Tags

If you would prefer your medical ID to be out of sight completely, there are a number of ways you can hide your alert jewelry from view, yet ensure it will be seen by a first responder. Medical professionals are trained to check the wrist, neck and chest for medical alerts, so necklaces are an excellent option. Medical ID charms are available in a number of options, from pendants for women to more masculine dog tags, engraved with your medical data. Make sure you choose something with an obvious medical alert icon, the red caduceus.

Medical Alert USB

Medical USBs take a step beyond normal medical ID bracelets and necklaces, allowing you to store additional information. These medical memory sticks can be filled with medical records, digital x-rays and more. If you have had a serious procedure or implant in the past, this additional data can help doctors safely choose a course of treatment in the event that you are unresponsive.  You can probably make a custom USB wallet card that store your information, allowing you to keep it secure in your wallet.

Keychain Alert

Medical alert keychains can be custom engraved and used as a necklace charm or a keyring. While keychains will allow you to hide your medical status in your pocket, you may run the risk of it being missed by a medical professional in the case of an emergency. Keychains can be a great way to supplement a more subtle medical ID bracelet or necklace, even allowing you to store a USB with additional information.

Medical ID Tattoo

This is by far the most discreet way to wear your medical safety information if you are very concerned about people learning about a private condition. While tattoos are a serious leap for many people, they are highly effective at communicating your information to emergency personnel. Make sure your tattoo will be visible in an emergency – on your chest or inner wrist – but be aware that you might have to add or alter information as your condition changes over time.

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