5 Cooking Tips for Overweight People.

Food is not just food, it has to be healthy. It is therefore very important that we cook healthy dishes especially if we are overweight. This article provides the reader with cooking tips for overweight people.

  1. Lower or eliminate the amount of fats in your dishes

Consider using liquid oils such as canola and olive oil instead of using solid fats. Use lesser oil than the one indicated in the recipe. Measure the amount of oil that you use with a teaspoon instead of pouring it. You could opt for a nonstick cooking spray as an alternative to using oils and fats.

Allow your stews and soups to cool and remove the fat that accumulates at the top. You can add some ice cubes so that the oil hardens faster.

Lower the amount of cheese that you use in your dishes. It is better to grate the cheese instead of slicing it. Grating allows the cheese to spread easily. By grating, you end up using a lesser amount of cheese. Replace higher- fat cheeses with lower-fat cheese options. These include reduced fat feta and part-skim mozzarella.

Seek better alternatives to add taste to your vegetables and dishes .For instance, flavor them with herbs, spices, fruits instead of oil or butter. Instead of using mayonnaise on salads, use natural yoghurt to flavor your food.

  1. Use less salt and sugar to prepare your food

You can lower or stop using sugar while making your dishes. Use less sugar to prepare your cakes and pastries or seek other alternatives such as using dried fruits instead of sugar.

Consider replacing salt by using other options which add flavor to your food. These alternatives include pepper, onions, herbs, spices, garlic, lime juice, lemon, vinegar or mustard. Do not add extra salt to your food when you are eating. Choose those products with lower sodium content.

  1. Increase the fiber content in your dishes

Prepare dishes that are high in fiber. Use brown rice, pasta and bread that have a higher content of fiber. This helps you feel full for a longer period helping you to observe your meal plan. Consider mixing whole meal and plain flour while baking.

  1. Adopt healthier cooking and preparation methods

Remove visible fats from meat and poultry before preparing them. Remove the chicken skin before cooking it.

You can shallow fry your dishes using a wok or a non-stick frying pan. Add a small amount of water to keep the pan or wok moist instead of using more oil. Shallow frying uses very little amount of oil.

As a substitute to frying, use healthier cooking methods. You can poach, steam, braise, bake, grill, sauté or put your food in the microwave. For instance, bake fish and chicken instead of frying them.

Consider using a Power Air Fryer XL which can be used to grill, sauté, bake, steam, roast and air-fry using very little oil. It also has an automatic shut-off feature that prevents burning and overcooking the dishes being prepared. It is a five in one air fryer that utilizes hot air technology.

You can drain oil and fats from meat and cooked food in various ways. Roast your meat and dry the oil. Another alternative is browning the meat and draining away the fats before adding the other ingredients. You can also blot your food to get rid of fats and oil.

There are some dishes that require eggs during preparation such as cakes. You can adjust by using egg whites instead of the suggested number of eggs in the recipe.

  1. Change your diet

Consider using grains such as peas, beans, nuts and lentils as alternative proteins to those recipes that require meat in their preparation such as burgers. They also add fiber to your meal.

Try to eat turkey or chicken sausages instead of beef and pork ones. They are healthier.

Replace meat with vegetarian meals or replace red meat with white meat such as fish and chicken.

Try observing the tips stated above to prepare healthier meals. These tips help you enjoy delicious food without excess fats, salt and sugar that can be a disaster to your body.

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