5 Benefits of Cosmetic Laser Hair Removal

The benefits of cosmetic laser hair removal are based on its performance since it is capable of removing hair without damaging the skin.

Technically, cosmetic laser hair removal is performed by selective Photothermolysis. This means that light is specifically absorbed by a capillary element. In the case of cosmetic laser hair removal is the melanin in the hair that absorbs the light and then converts it into heat, which destroys the hair and prevents it from reproducing.

What are the benefits of cosmetic laser hair removal?

The main, and best known, benefits of laser hair removal are:

  1. Most effective method to remove hair.
  2. Virtually painless.
  3. Versatility, since it is ideal for any type of cosmetic hair and skin.

However, there are many more benefits that can affect specific aspects, improving your quality of life if you decide to undergo laser hair removal treatment.

Increased self-esteem

Many of the users who decide on cosmetic laser hair removal do to gain self-esteem. Although the removal of hair does not determine at any time the worth of a person and it is a completely optional action that may not work for everyone. Sometimes excess hair can lead to complexes that have a solution in this hair removal method, being effective and definitive.

Prevention and elimination of diseases

Dermatologists recommend cosmetic laser hair removal to combat certain skin conditions. Mainly they are:

Folliculitis: It occurs when hair follicles become inflamed due to a bacterial or fungal infection. It manifests as small pimples on the skin in which new hair grows.

Hirsutism: It is excess hair.

In addition to the two ailments above, laser hair removal is also beneficial in cases where skin grafts have been performed.

Greater hygiene in sport

Many athletes opt for cosmetic laser hair removal to remove body hair, as it gives them better performance. It is also effective when going to a physiotherapist since it facilitates the work of performing sports massages.

Do not depend on non-definitive hair removal methods

As explained above, one of the main benefits of cosmetic laser hair removal is its effectiveness. Other hair removal methods such as razors, wax, or electric epilators do not achieve permanent hair removal results.

Another benefit of laser cosmetic hair removal is that it is effective on all types of hair (from light to dark) and all skin types (from white to more tan), due to the length of this type of laser. This helps you to definitively forget about the other methods mentioned above, saving time and achieving more freedom in your day-to-day life.

Saving money

Betting on cosmetic laser hair removal saves money and is more profitable since it is a definitive hair removal method. Therefore, you will stop constantly investing in non-definitive methods. In addition, once you finish with the necessary sessions, you will only need a review for residual hair, thus reducing the investment.

Extra benefits of diode laser hair removal

As explained in our previous post about the types of cosmetic laser hair removal, diode laser hair removal emerges as an alternative to Alexandrite. In addition, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post, diode laser hair removal works through the Selective Photothermolysis system.

Thanks to the fact that the laser light acts directly on the hair follicle, passing through the dermis, the appearance of hair can be gradually reduced since, in each session, the follicle will weaken until it stops producing hair.

Among the advantages of diode cosmetic laser hair removal, you can find:

  1. Possibility of treating thick and deep hair due to its longer wavelength.
  2. It allows treating skins with color, even tanned.
  3. Residual hair is removed through annual grooming sessions.
  4. It is a treatment for anyone and can be performed at any age.
  5. It consists of a long-lasting and effective hair removal method.
  6. Recommended for all skin and hair types.
  7. It is suitable for both women and men.

If you want more information, visit our laser recommendations page about cosmetic lasers for body contouring. After this post, we hope we have explained to you what the benefits of laser hair removal are.

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