5 Basic Values of Vitamins and Minerals

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The importance of eating healthy and eating a variety of foods is impressed upon us from an early age. However, not everyone understands why eating certain foods is important, or why the diet needs to include a wide variety of foods for the most healthy life and for longevity. There are many reasons to eat your carrots and be sure to include the brightly colored veggies in your grocery list. The variety of fruits and vegetables is imperative to getting the nutrients scientists know you need and the ones we have not yet studied but are nonetheless key to healthy operation of various systems in the body.

System Support

Imagine if you knew you could help various processes within the body by consuming a certain food. For those who study vitamins, they understand how important the consumption of various vitamins are: some benefit the Immune system, others promote nerve cell function, bone health and strength and eyesight, while still others protect cells from damage. This does not boil down to a certain food. Instead, it is important to eat a variety of foods and balance out the diet by providing various vitamins and minerals.

Bone Strength

Vitamins and minerals are important to the continued maintenance of healthy bones. For those who do not consume enough calcium or magnesium, phosphorus or Vitamin D, the bones are the area of the body to suffer most. It is important to understand the body’s needs and work hard to stay healthy through consumption of the right foods.

Muscle and Nervous System Function

Potassium and Vitamin A are important to the function of muscles and to maintaining healthy skin. Meanwhile, for those who fail to consume enough Vitamin B12, the body’s nerve cell function is the primary area that breakdown in efficiency will occur. People who fail to provide the body with these nutrients can suffer and even cause severe damage to their own body before recognizing the error.

Avoid Certain Medical Conditions

When we began sailing the oceans, humans learned the hard way that there was a danger of illness if certain fruits and their nutritional value were ignored. Scurvy was a nasty way to fall ill and die, but it claimed numerous lives before the dietary needs of sailors were met in a more effective manner during voyages. It is important to eat certain foods to provide the body with nutrients and avoid the potential illness lack of said nutrients can lead to.

Mental Cognition

Various vitamins and minerals both are needed for the most accurate firing of neurotransmitters and processing of various pieces of information for storage. The mind is a complex area of the body, and it still leaves a lot of room for intensive study and better understanding. However, the fact remains that lacking certain nutrients can lead to issues with memory, problems with connecting basic facts and failing to handle regular tasks efficiently.

There is no doubt that vitamins are hugely important to the successful growth and function of the human body. For those who need assistance in determining the right vitamins for current issues, some research and study can go a long way.

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