5 Bad Habits and How to Fix Them

bad habits

When we were a child, we had been taught good habits and handed out punishment when our bad habits were exposed. We learnt the value of good habits and worked hard to mix them into our system.

Over the years, with busy life and way too many things to process throughout the day, even the most health conscious ones allow some bad habits to creep into our life.

We might not even know, or perhaps in the sub-conscious mind – deep down we do start to recognize them, but still choose to ignore them as much as possible. When it starts to stare us in the eye that we finally begin to understand the problem and fight against it.

It is never too late to fix a bad habit, depending on the habit it might just be a big harder.

Top 8 bad habits and how to fix them

1) Nail Biting – Stress and Tension makes us do stuff that an otherwise peaceful adult might never consider doing. Yes, nail biting or picking nose for that matter are child-time issues, but in later life it can come back if we do not take proper notice of it.

Cure – Do what your parents did in the past – put some chilli powder on the fingers if you are still fighting the nail biting issue. An easier remedy, and it does works for some, is to make sure to cut the nails using a nail cutter every few days. No nails equal less chewing.

2) Head phones or ear plugs – This is mostly a teenager problem, but sometimes even in later years – it just sticks through. Having a headphone for longer hours does serious problems to our ear – if you don’t want to turn deaf, make sure to fix this bad habit as soon as possible.

Cure – Try talking with the phone held with your hand – might be a harder choice, but a healthy one. Eventually, you can try reducing your hours of cell phone time if possible.

3) Late Night Sleep – The excuses here are mostly work but do understand that there are serious consequences of staying up late in the night. You might not want rest but your body and it’s organs do. And by depriving them of their beauty sleep, you are putting pressure on them. They are working extra hard with no healing time.

Cure – The cure here is easy, the problem is – will you go to sleep early, sacrificing work or any other thing that you have on your mind.

4) Skipping Breakfast – Don’t we all do it sometimes. But what if this sometimes starts to become a bit too often and finally take the shape of an everyday routine.  The take a bite and run for office is a real bad habit. The first food of the morning is the breakfast and a healthy breakfast is very important and one should never skip it.

Cure – Time is the biggest issue here, also laziness is part of the deal. So, try doing a bit of cooking in the night – that will help you to speed up in the morning.

5) Junk Food – Eating fast food is not bad if done in moderation. Life should be enjoyed as well – missing out on that tasty food, just because someone told you to eat healthy is not a wise decision. The problem is, when this rare treat becomes part of your daily schedule. Let’s eat out today? If you heard this term more than 4 times a week, it surely is a sign that you need to cut back on the junk food.

Cure – The best cure here is to keep your stomach full. The less you feel hungry the less you will have the urge to eat fast food. Keep healthy food in your fridge – and stay away from the junk food as much as possible.

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