5 Amazing benefits of using a Rowing Machine at home

Planning and sticking to extensive workout regimes isn’t the easiest thing in the world. In fact, it can be overwhelming and exhaustive, especially for beginners. Working out isn’t all about spending hours in the gym or hitting the pavement for long runs to lose a few pounds.

With the right fitness equipment, one can shed off a significant few pounds just by targeting the right muscles in our bodies. A rowing machine is ideal fitness equipment that is beneficial for one’s overall health. It matches different fitness levels of various individuals. It is a low impact machine and is recommended for all ages.

The rowing machine got its name from its exercise mechanism that mimics the motion of rowing a boat in the waters. This provides a full body workout.

I am sure you already have got a good rowing machine at home if not; don’t worry you can follow Exercise Center buyer’s guide to choosing the best rowing machine that is good and within your budget.

Here are the top 5 benefits using a rowing machine can give you.

1) Improved Aerobic Exercise

Cardio or aerobic exercise is crucial for one’s overall health. Regardless of any age, including an aerobic workout in your daily fitness routine goes a long way in promoting weight loss, boost stamina and strengthen your immune system. Another interesting benefit of aerobic workout is that it releases endorphins that significantly boost your mood and sleep quality. A rowing machine works for your body’s major muscle groups, therefore, raising your heart rate and boosting your oxygen intake.

2) Weight Loss

A rowing machine helps you burn calories, tone your muscles and boost your energy levels. By spending an hour on the machine, individuals can burn up to 600 calories. Combined with a well-balanced diet and working out regularly on a rowing machine, one can shed a few significant pounds.

3) Low-Impact Cardio

Many overweight individuals are unable to get back into shape because of joint problems. High-impact workouts do more bad than good for people with joint pains. A rowing machine is low-impact fitness equipment which is best for people who can’t perform high-impact exercises such as running, hiking, yoga, etc. Rowing machine’s rowing motion is very natural, low-impact and exerts less strain on the joints. It is ideal for injury prevention or for people who are recovering from injury and wish to use a low-impact fitness equipment.

4) Muscle Toning

The rowing machine virtually engages every major muscle group in the body and exerts minimal pressure on the joints. The low-impact nature of the workout helps to work their legs, buttocks, hips and more with each move. It also trains upper-body muscles, strengthens back and shoulders and arms. The machines can also be adjusted to build a higher resistance to build workout muscle intensity.

  1. Increased Endurance

For beginners, using the rowing machine for the first time will be very exhausting. But it has great long-term impacts if used on a routine basis. It builds your endurance and boosts your energy.

A rowing machine renders a full cardiovascular workout and trains all the major muscles in your body. With regular use, your stamina and metabolism will get a power boost. A heightened endurance means you will have more power and energy to do all the amazing things you ever wanted to do!

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