5 Adventurous Ways to Get Fit and Healthy

Fitness has become the immediate requirement for better living in modern societies. Not only, social trends have changed but the standard of food and modern lifestyle do not have that quality which it had in earlier years of human societies. Office jobs require all day sitting on the same chair which results in collecting more fats and burning of fewer calories. Now, we prefer eating stuff that is available in restaurants and cafes which is not as hygienic as homemade meals. Modern transportation system has all the convenience and comfort but not much physical activity like walking.

Being fit and healthy means you have to be conscious about your health excessively. Changing of lifestyle is the biggest stimulation for better fitness. You will need to get rid of some bad habits like drinking cold drinks, over-sleeping, and unhygienic meals. You will also need to have some exercise regularly. These exercises include many physical activities but there 5 adventurous exercises which will help you get fit and healthy along with little bit of adventure and fun.

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Running over the hills

Running over the hills can help you get fit quickly due to a number of reasons. It will increase the burning capacity of fats, mental and physical endurance, running capacity, heart pumping rate and aerobic ability because it contains variety and intensity. Running over hills possess much more difficulty than a formal track running which enables you to overcome the impossible tasks. It increases the heartbeat which is good for your health as it keeps the heart active and helps to reduce the chances of heart dysfunctions. You are supposed to be burning more calories due to the high physical requirement to overcome the gravity and all other factors.

It is often fun to challenge a daunting task. It will assist you to boost your confidence as well. Running over the hills is more recommended as an adventure because it will offer you different natural attractions along the way. For safety and staying hydrated, you could read here about the gadgets.



Swimming workouts are more suited for rapid burning of calories and adding some required muscles into your body. A normal swimming workout can easily burn 500 calories in an hour. Interestingly, water provides you a force to overcome gravity in this exercise. During swimming, water will neutralize the gravity and will provide your joints a bit of rest. As you know water is 800 times denser than air which forces you to work hard to get through it. This factor enables your muscles to become strong and enduring.

Swimming is greatly recommended for weight loss due to its high ratio of calories dissipating. One can opt for swimming competitions which held in your areas regularly. If you win then prize along with fitness is yours. If you lose in the competition to become even better but in the process, you will be able to impart fitness to your body. Research has shown that swimming incredibly increases the life expectancy as well. Swimmers will have better blood pressure, cardiovascular performance and cognitive functionality in comparison to non-swimmers. Swimming should be taken as a lethargic exercise instead it should be enjoyed by taking it as fun and adventure.

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Rowing machines

For cardiovascular fitness, your heart needs to be pumping at a faster speed. Rowing machines workout provides you this kind of fitness. Rowing machine puts pressure on certain body sets which result in increased level of pressure on the heart. Heart consumes more energy and provides the body with blood rapidly. In the process, your body will release more carbon dioxide and lactic acid.

The biggest advantage of rowing is that it engages all of your body at certain levels. During the drive, legs will be engaged then central body and at the end of drive, your back will be immensely engaged in the activity. This repeated physical activity will improve the performance of all of muscle groups one by one. Just like boating competitions, you can contribute in rowing competitions for achieving enhanced physical fitness goals along with making it more fun. Rowing machines are easily available at gyms. However, for workouts at home, you can buy this inexpensive equipment as well.

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Hiking is adventurous physical activity. It is more fun when performed with friends. Friends can give you the required motivation or an urge to compete. In winters, snowy mountains are fascinating the travelers. You should be going on such a travel and experience hiking. Some lucky people would find mountains close to their home or office. Select different hiking tracks and explore different views of mountains. Exploration of different features will keep you interested in hiking. If there is much snow out there on hills then it will let you work hard to surpass the hill.

It is recommended that keep yourself hydrated as you will be dissipating much of energy to overcome the difficulties along the way. Keep yourself moving on the tracks. If you want to achieve much more than adopt a new track or make a new track. This will be a fun as well. However, make it sure that the new track you seek to hike is safe and there is no chance of injuries.

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Bicycle riding

Bicycle riding is fun, inexpensive and eco-friendly exercise. It can be enjoyed by all age groups. Children love bicycle riding and adults use it as a habit or for movement. If mankind really thinks about saving this universe then at one point, humans have to adopt bicycling back in their life for daily movement. If you don’t have spacious time for doing it then you could ride a bicycle to your office. This activity will keep you fresh and fit simultaneously.

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Author bio:

Wesley is a professional engineer and runner.  He graduated from the University of Florida with the degree, Master of Engineering.  He currently practices engineering all over the United States where he has also been able to participate in a myriad of running events like trail runs, triathlons, and half-marathons (no full marathon…yet!).  His real passion is just being outdoors. Read his latest posts here

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