4 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Air Pollution

Air pollution is a problem that refers to many cities and regions around the world. Instead of waiting for the top-down measures, it’s worth taking steps towards personal protection. Check how to protect yourself from air pollution – both outside and inside your house.

According to WHO, around 7 million people die from air pollution around the world every year. Even though in everyday life, breathing with bad quality air seems to cause discomfort and nothing else, in the long run, it may make you more prone to respiratory problems and diseases of the circulatory system. Air pollution is particularly dangerous to pregnant women, children, and people with existing conditions such as asthma, but its influence can leave a mark on everyone’s health.

Many countries are taking initiatives in order to improve the air quality and lower the emissions of carbon dioxide. However, the changes need to be preceded by a detailed transformation plan and backed with a budget. No wonder that they progress relatively slowly. That’s why the inhabitants of areas that struggle with high pollution levels should take individual steps to ensure they’re protected enough. What can you do?

#1 Use the air pollution map

It can provide you with updated, real-time data on pollution in your region. Using it, you will be able to check the concentration of different particles in the air, including sulfur dioxide, carbon oxides, and particulate matter. You can enter an interactive air pollution map such as Airly.org, through the browser or app. It provides you with access not only to the data of your municipality, but also to other regions around the world.

#2 Surround yourself with plants

Being around nature can lift your mood, but that’s definitely not all. All plants produce oxygen for us to breathe, but some can also remove the polluting particles from the air. That’s why filling your interiors with plants is can improve both your mental and physical health. Which plants are great air purifiers? We recommend peace lilies, philodendrons, ficuses, or Devil’s Ivy.

#3 Purify the air

Even though air pollution affects you more when being outside, the polluted air can also get inside your house – not only when you have the windows open. The ventilation systems that each building is the way through which the air enters your interiors. That’s why investing in an air purifier is crucial for your personal protection. You can choose equipment that purifies and adds some humidity at the same time – the heating dries up the air what can also cause discomfort.

#4 Wear a mask

Wearing a mask when the pollution levels are high is the most effective mean of protection. Choose an antismog one equipped with an adequate filter. It will stop the toxic gases and particulate matter from entering your respiratory system.

If you’d like to know the air pollution levels in your region, visit Airly.org to access a detailed, real-time updated air pollution map. It will provide you with data on particulate matter and toxic gas concentration in the air, but also humidity and atmospheric pressure.

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