4 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health During Eating Disorder Treatment


Working through eating disorder treatment is an important part of getting healthy, but it can also be a stressful and difficult time for patients. Fortunately, eating disorder recovery offers a number of valuable tools in addition to the actual recovery from the disorder itself. Patients who are fully recovered find that they’re more comfortable with themselves. They’ve become healthier in a number of ways during their treatment, and that has led them to a better life, overall. Here are four of the biggest and most important ways to be healthier during treatment for an eating disorder.

  1. Focus on the Things That Bring You Joy

Struggling with an eating disorder can make life difficult, but there are still many parts of life that are joyful. At eating disorder treatment centers, one of the things patients are encouraged to do is find what matters to them. With eating disorder counseling, these patients can explore things that they liked to do in the past, or things that they always wanted to do but hadn’t yet experienced. These joyful and interesting things can give patients something to strive for and work for, along with something to appreciate and plan for in the future. This sense of interest and focus can help a patient work toward better health.

  1. Work With the Right People to Protect Yourself

By choosing eating disorder counseling that resonates with them and speaks to what they need from that counseling, patients can be healthier as they move toward full recovery. Not all counseling is the same, and not all treatment programs will give a patient what they need in order to be successful. While there are many similarities between eating disorder cases, there are also some differences simply due to the fact that people aren’t all the same. With that in mind, finding people a patient feels comfortable with and can really talk to is part of the encouragement that patient needs in order to be healthier, happier, and whole.

  1. Understand That the Journey Takes Time

Going through eating disorder treatment takes time. Patients aren’t going to get better overnight, but that doesn’t mean they won’t see consistent and continual improvement. This is important, because being healthier throughout eating disorder treatment has value for a number of reasons. This is a marathon and not a sprint and being patient throughout the journey is an excellent way to be healthier.

That doesn’t mean patients shouldn’t expect to work hard or reach milestones, but that they shouldn’t expect to get through everything in a few days or even a few weeks or months. Being fully recovered is certainly possible, but the recovery itself is an ongoing process that has to be carefully handled and worked through in order to make sure it remains valuable based on what the patient needs to truly help them heal.

  1. Get the Right Treatment Level for Your Needs

The treatment level for eating disorder recovery can be adjusted. Some people need lower levels of treatment, and others need something closer to what would be seen at a hospital. No matter which type of treatment or what level of help a patient needs, there are eating disorder treatment centers such as Clementine Programs that exist to meet their requirements. These centers can help patients get everything that works for them, so they can be healthier as they move through their treatment program.

Being healthy means a lot of different things, and when the right treatment levels are offered to patients who need help with an eating disorder there’s an opportunity for patients to be healthier in a number of ways. Treatment should be as intensive and focused as is needed to help a patient move forward, and that can be very different for each person. With proper treatment, health becomes something that is comfortable, feels good, and is acknowledged as having value in the patient’s life.

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