4 Unexpected Ways a Healthy Lifestyle Could Save You Money


There are so many great benefits to living a healthy lifestyle. Eating right and exercising regularly has been linked to everything from a longer lifespan to better mental health. But did you know that it could also help improve your financial fortunes?

Here are four surprising ways that living a healthy lifestyle could help you save money.

Eating healthy
You might have heard that eating a healthy diet is more expensive than buying convenience foods. This may be true when it comes to your grocery bill, but an unhealthy diet could cost you more money in the long run.

Processed foods and takeaway meals are linked to many health issues. This includes things like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. A diet high in junk food could mean you’ll pay more on doctor’s visits, medication or health insurance in the future. Also, eating healthy may be less expensive than you think—one study found that a healthy diet costs just $1.50 more per day than an unhealthy one.

However, if you’re looking for more immediate savings, a few swaps could improve your health and bank account. Vegetarian-friendly proteins (like beans, chickpeas and leafy greens) are generally cheaper than many cuts of meat. Going vegetarian even just a few times each week could lower your grocery bill. You could also try other quick fixes, like drinking tap water rather than soft drink or packing lunches instead of relying on fast food.

Spend less on clothes
Surprisingly, living a healthy lifestyle might even save you money on clothing! Fashion is a trillion-dollar industry worldwide, with cheap clothing making up a large portion of sales. These items might seem more economical, but the prices may be deceiving.

Cheap clothing is inexpensive for a reason. It’s often not made to last, leading shoppers to buy new items to replace the old. This may be especially true if your weight fluctuates. You may not stress too much about gaining a few kilos, because you can replace an entire wardrobe without spending a lot of money. However, over time the costs of replacing items that no longer fit can add up, and may be adding unnecessary expenses to your budget.

Maintaining a healthy weight is not only better for our bodies, it could help people save money on clothing as well. A controlled weight means you can buy fewer, but better-quality items that will last longer. You won’t be replacing them as often and may actually get full use out of them before they need to be tossed!

Cut down on car use
Petrol, maintenance, tolls and parking… Driving a car can eat away at your budget! It can also negatively impact your health: one study found that people who drive two hours a day are more likely to be overweight, stressed and sleep-deprived. They were also more likely to smoke and exercised less than other people the same age.

Leaving the car at home could be better for your body and your pocketbook. Walking and biking are free, and boast a number of great health benefits. Weight loss, improved heart health and decreased stress levels have all been tied to daily walks—even as little as 10 minutes a day!

Walking or biking likely means you’ll spend less on petrol and vehicle maintenance. However, you may be able to stretch these savings even further. Car insurance companies often base rates on how much you drive each year. Using your car less could mean lower premiums, because your risk of being in an accident may be lower.

Finding better life insurance
Protecting our loved ones is just one of many reasons why people take out life insurance. However, living a healthy lifestyle could put you in a better position to do this. Your overall health may make it easier and cheaper to get a life insurance policy.

Life insurance premiums are partly based on health. Depending on the type of policy chosen, you could be asked some basic health information, such as your smoker status, or more detailed questions to get a fuller view of your lifestyle and fitness. These questions help insurance companies weigh the costs of covering someone.

People with healthy habits typically enjoy lower, more affordable premiums. They may also be less likely to have certain pre-existing medical conditions that some policies may not cover. Someone who is fit and healthy could find a more comprehensive life insurance policy to help protect their family than a person living a less healthy one.

Treat yourself
The rewards of healthy living could reach further than just our bodies and minds. A better diet and getting fit might also help you save money, too! Your savings might even be enough to reward yourself for a job well done. These steps could put you a little closer to your dream vacation or a well-earned shopping spree!

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