4 Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Flat Iron

Searching for the best flat iron for your hair is not just a case of walking into a shop and choosing the cheapest one around. Far from it! It can be pretty daunting in fact because there are so many different features and different prices.

There are a couple of points to consider when buying your flat iron, I think it will be good tips for you to choose best hair product.

  1. Cost:

As mentioned above, you could easily buy a low-end iron, but you need to realize that in doing this, you could well be sacrificing quality. Bear in mind that the pricier ones are the ones which tend to work faster, resulting in less breakage, frizz, and damage to your hair.

  1. Heat temperatures:

Depending on what type of hair you have will determine what temperature settings you need to set. A good guide to follow is:

Fine/damaged hair → 250-300F°

Medium/average hair → 300-350F°

Thick/coarse hair → 350-400F°

  1. Ceramic, Titanium or Tourmaline plates for you?

Ceramic type irons have even heating; they don’t have what is known as any cool-spots that some other irons have. This means you get an even straightening job done.

Ceramic irons are noted for keeping frizz away and giving that smooth look, especially for the finer thinner strands of hair.

Often, ceramic irons are coated with something called tourmaline. With tourmaline technology involved, you get more moisture locked in, which creates silkier, shinier hair. Ceramic iron is one of the best flat irons for all users.

Titanium type irons usually heat up quicker and stay hot all the time while in use. It is because titanium will radiate 60% more negative ions than what the ceramic iron does.

The ionic charges help with keeping hair smooth, preventing frizz. Because it holds onto its heat for long periods of time, the titanium iron suits people with thicker coarser type hair.

Tourmaline type irons let you straighten your hair with less heat involved. This is because it has a high negative ion count. The tourmaline is different to the ceramic and titanium irons because it produces these negative ions all the time, whereas, with the other two, the ions are created only when the irons are turned on.

With a tourmaline iron, you get better control and results using less heat, which in turn means less damage. Any hair types really benefit from a tourmaline iron. It is actually the latest material today that is being used for hair straighteners so they could well be the more expensive choice.

  1. Size of plates:

Whatever type of hair you have as well as the length will determine what plate size you are looking for. For short hair, you will want the narrower plates but for thicker hair or long hair you will want the irons with the wider plates.

Just bear in mind that the narrower plates help you to reach the harder areas. If you are determined to have the best hair at all times, maybe splashing out and splurging on the travel sized iron will keep your short hair looking ‘perfect’ all the time.

Give your hair locks of love!

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