4-Step Vegan Skincare Routine for the Colder Seasons

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Now that fall has fully arrived, it is only a matter of time before the temperature drops enough for you to bring out cozy knits and Ugg boots. But the changing temperature can be an added frustration, especially when you have sensitive skin.

The cold seasons can cause your skin to dry up quickly. Dry and flaky skin is never fun to work with, as it will show through makeup and is challenging to cover up. Imperfect skin can also take a toll on one’s confidence. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the products that you use so that you can keep your skin in optimal condition in the coming months.

Good skin starts with making the right choices. For example, using vegan skincare products as opposed to chemically-dense ones is highly beneficial to your overall health.  Here is a 4-step vegan skincare routine to help you get started that will help your skin stay supple and hydrated in the cold weather.

Step 1: Remove Your Makeup with a Cleansing Oil 

If you are a skincare buff, you have probably heard of the double cleansing method. It involves removing makeup and impurities with cleansing oil and then following up with a water-based cleanser.

The process can be harsh and detrimental to sensitive skin if you use the wrong products. However, vegan skincare contains organic and naturally-rich ingredients, which makes the process gentle and effective at the same time.

The first step involves oil cleansing, which is a great way to remove makeup. Even if you are not a supporter of coating your face with foundation, this step washes the dirt and smudge that have built up on your pores.

Rice bran and pomegranate cleansing oils contain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing benefits. Unlike alcohol-based makeup removers, opting for an oil-based one will prevent further damage onto dry skin. It will help with improving your skin’s regeneration and elasticity—amazing benefits for colder months.

Step 2: Eliminate Impurities with a Cleansing Milk

For the second part of the cleansing process, use vegan cleansing milk. Typically, people with oily to normal skin can benefit from it. However, if you use it as a follow-up to cleansing oil, it will help wash away the leftover impurities without drying your skin out.

An oatmeal cleansing milk is an essential vegan skincare product. It helps maintain the pH balance of your skin, which plays a role in anti-aging. Oatmeal and orange peel extracts are great ingredients for exfoliation, which will eliminate dead skin cells, relaxes the skin, and creates a protective barrier.

Step 3: Freshen Up with a Toner 

Toner is perhaps the most crucial vegan skincare product that is beneficial to anyone all year round. Lotus and rosewater toners have been all the rave recently, so you will be happy to hear that there are vegan alternatives to suit your lifestyle.

The combination of flowers is excellent for balancing your pH level, astringency, and reducing redness and inflammation. These are perfect in the wintertime when your skin tends to become brittle from dehydration.

You can apply a vegan toner with your hands, a swab of cotton or cloth material, or use it as a mask. To do this, take four to five cotton pads, dampen them with toner, and place them on your face. Leave them on for 10-15 minutes before removing. This makeshift mask is the best-kept skincare secret for an instant dose of hydration.

Step 4: Nourish with a Serum 

If you have never heard of serum before, think of it as a lightweight moisturizer that contains powerful hydration properties. A vegan jasmine serum has hyaluronic acid, one of the best ingredients for anti-aging and improving elasticity. This acid is the ultimate ingredient to soft and ultra-hydrated skin.

Additionally, ingredients like jasmine and almonds are lovely for replenishing your skin’s natural oils. Using a serum is the perfect final step to taking care of your skin in the colder seasons, as it leaves you feeling fresh, hydrated, and alive.

The fall and winter can be harsh, but the world is always a better place when you have good skin. Now that natural and vegan options are available, you can keep up your sustainable lifestyle and take care of your skin at the same time.

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