4 Nighttime Tips for Healthy Teeth

healthy teeth

Do you remember when your mother used to tell you to brush your teeth before going to bed? Although we all think that brushing before turning in would drive away nasty cavities and resulting tooth decay, it looks as if brushing alone is not enough. When it comes to maintaining good oral health, prevention is certainly better than cure especially since cases like a rotten tooth can no longer be cured. These things to do before turning in for the night will help keep the tooth fairy away.

1. Brushing. This is the cardinal rule. Because saliva production is minimized during sleep, bacteria can proliferate a lot freely since saliva is the body’s natural antimicrobial agent. For this reason, the development of plaque, tooth decay and gum diseases is accelerated while one asleep when one fails to brush his or her teeth. Those who are predisposed to developing cavities and gum diseases should brush after dinner and again before going to bed.

When it comes to brushing, one should not just be contented with getting toothpaste all over one’s mouth. The most effective manner of brushing is to do so back and forth and in short, gentle strokes. When it comes to brushing the surfaces, the outer should be done so first, followed by the inner tooth and the chewing surfaces.

2. Change Your Toothbrush. According to dentists, the rotating and oscillating motions of an electric toothbrush is more effective in the removal of plaque as compared when using a regular toothbrush. When choosing electric toothbrushes, individuals should choose ones that are easy to grip and operate, and has a rotating-oscillating head.

3. Floss. Dentists always include a lecture about the importance of flossing before ending each appointment. The reason for why dentists go at great lengths to preach about the beauty of flossing but do not devote as much time for brushing is because they know that people never look forward to flossing. But flossing is extremely crucial in removing food particles lodged in between teeth and preventing the buildup of plaque. When plaque is allowed to harden, the resulting structure is the crystalline tartar which will require the help of the dentist to be removed. Hence, it pays to floss now than suffer the wrath of the dentist, and his charges, later.

4. Use Mouthwash. To complete your entire nighttime regimen, start rinsing with mouthwash for a fresher breath. The special ingredients in different mouth washes will not just help to strengthen teeth but also treat oral conditions like sore throat and canker sores.

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