4 Myths And Facts About Pregnancy


There are several myths associated with pregnancy and childbirth. It is important for all of us (especially for pregnant women and those women desirous of having a baby) to know the facts and not believe the myths associated with pregnancy and childbirth, as myths can cause problems during pregnancy and childbirth. Here some common myths about pregnancy and different facts associated with pregnancy are explained.

The first myth:

Sex during pregnancy can cause labor or abortion.

The fact:

Sex during pregnancy is totally safe, unless there is some contraindication (such as habitual abortion) and your doctor advice against it. Most pregnant women can have sex till their last moth of pregnancy, if they do not feel uncomfortable. Sex during pregnancy does not harm the fetus as it is properly protected by thick mucus. As there is no harm for the fetus, there is no risk of abortion or delivery.

The second myth:

Glow on pregnant woman’s face indicate sex of the fetus (baby). Glowing face of pregnant women indicate baby is a girl and lack of glow indicate baby is a boy. Kegel exercises during pregnancy also help improve the healthy glow on a woman’s skin.

The fact:

Morning sickness stops after third moth of pregnancy and the pregnant women starts eating well and as a result face may glow after three months of pregnancy. If a pregnant woman can not eat well during pregnancy there will be lack of any glow in the face even after three months of pregnancy. So, the glow in the face has nothing to do with the sex of the growing fetus.

The third myth:

Size and shape of belly during pregnancy can indicate sex of the baby. A low belly indicates a boy and a high belly indicate girl.

The fact:

The shape of belly of a pregnant woman is determined by the original shape of the abdomen, strength of abdominal muscles, and amount and distribution of fat, number of previous pregnancies and position of the fetus. In case of multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets etc.), the size of the belly will be more than single fetus. So, the size and shape of the belly of a pregnant woman has nothing to do with sex of the baby.

The fourth myth:

Heartburn during pregnancy indicates, the baby will have lots of hair.

The fact:

Heartburn during pregnancy is common and due to reflux of stomach contents (along with stomach acids) into the esophagus called reflux esophagitis and it has nothing to do with thickness of hairs in the fetus. The reflux of stomach contents during pregnancy is common, because the growing fetus and the enlarged uterus put pressure on the stomach and diaphragm.

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