4 Important Things You Need to Know About Air Fryers

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Fried foods are bad for health and the excess oil from frying causes unwanted fat build-up. That’s what has been worrying us since long and we have been keeping away from fried foods. And those moments when we do have it, our feeling of guilt is too overwhelming. But, fried foods are delicious, and the crunchy bites are something that we often long for. We look for alternatives like baked products instead of fries, but the pleasure of enjoying a bowl of crispy fries just isn’t there. However, air fryers appear to be our savior and are all the rage now. Air fryers use technology that gives us the pleasures of enjoying our fries once again without the need for excess well. So, no compromise on health! If you like one, reading an article on how to choose an air fryer would help.

The way air fryers work

Unlike cooking in a frying pan, air fryers do not need you to fry your stuff in a lot of oil. There are multiple options, which include a method called flash cooking, where instead of frying in oil, you just dip them in oil and they are cooked well and crispy on all sides. The one major advantage of using the dip method is that you do not need to cook one side at a time and since you dip it, all sides get cooked evenly. With multiple variants of air fryers available, you can cook any volumes that you need, from small quantities of crispy fries to even larger volume items. The amount you can cook depends on the capacity of your air fryer.

However, do be aware that since you dip your food in oil when using an air fryer, some of the beneficial effects of food are lost. Since food in an air fryer is cooked by submerging in an oil bath, the sugars and the proteins that are there on the surface of your vegetables are broken down and this gives the golden, crispy effect to your food. The food vitals are destroyed, but you need not worry much if you are using them occasionally. A little, guilt trip once in a while will not spoil your health and with the minimal oil consumed by air fryers, you really do not have much to be worried about.

A healthier alternative

Some air fryers use very little oil and cook food by creating small droplets of oil and circulating the same. They use super-heated air and the mechanics involve blowing hot air around your food. This is done through a heating element that circulates hot air around your food. In the process, they create small droplets of oil that circulates around your food, thus using minimal oil. The amount of oil consumed to cook fries for a family of four is less than one tablespoon. Definitely healthy, isn’t it? In fact, air fryers can also be used for grilling and baking. As with deep fryers, the outer layers of protein and sugars do get broken down and since they use very less oil, your food tends to be a little drier. Of course, since they use a lot less oil, the deep fry consistency is something that you will miss. But, if the taste is your top priority, then you would have perhaps looked at a deep fryer instead.


Healthy? Definitely, as you are avoiding the ill-effects of excess oil. You need not be concerned about the excess fat that you acquire when you consume food that’s deep-fried. Air fryers are definitely better and with some of them having temperature controls, you can even choose your optimum temperature levels. This way, you can regulate the way your food is cooked, ensure that they are cooked well, while at the same time ensuring that little oil seeps into your food. Moreover, air fryers tend to cook faster thus also cutting down on the amount of oil your food absorbs.


Air fryers are extremely versatile and hence their growing popularity. With options not only of frying, but the ability to grill, toast, and bake makes an air fryer extremely versatile. For the health conscious, an air fryer is now one of the must-haves in their kitchen. You too can get one and avoid those guilt trips when you succumb to the allure of crispy fries. Enjoy your bakes and fries the healthy way.


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