4 Chemicals You Need To Avoid To Protect Your Health


When calculations are performed on chemical data measurements, the process is termed as chemometrics. It is primarily aimed at providing general information about a given chemical. The calculation could be on determining the pH of any chemical, for instance hydrogen ion. Mathematical and statistical methods are used to arrive at authentic results. The understanding of the analytical purpose of this process is important as it helps to identify and keep away from harmful chemicals. This brings us to the topic of the day; 4 chemicals that you need to avoid.


Most of the urinary parabens are derived from sources that are non-dietary. There is a reason as to why they are referred to as “urinary parabens.” After an encounter with your skin, they are absorbed. What follows after this is a series of chemical processes that ends in them showing up in your urine. In some cases, parabens are used as food preservatives but their side effects in cosmetics cannot be overlooked. Majority of the make-ups have this as active ingredients. Many of those using cosmetics normally take this to mean that the body is playing its role of eliminating harmful toxins. This is not true.

The facts are parabens have certain conditions that occur due to their continued use. They elevate stress hormones in pregnant mothers and the newborns. When the babies are born, they will also carry some parabens in their urine. Their appearance in urine is not a guarantee that they will be gotten rid off 100%. They also lead to sensitivities to food airborne and allergies. Worst of all, the chemical substances can also lead to DNA damage to the sperms of the male baby. They are found in makeup, shampoos, conditioners, shaving gel, sunscreens and moisturizers.


They are plasticizers meaning that they are abundantly found in plastics. They are also found in cosmetics. To be more precise, they are used in nail polish to prevent them from becoming brittle while on the nail. Phthalates are endocrine disruptors which grants hem the power to hinder and stop many physiological processes. They also counter the sex hormones of men due to the anti-androgenic effect that they have. They affect the fetal development. They also put you at risk of contracting diabetes.


This is mainly an antibiotic, common in deodorants, certain toothpastes and hand sanitizers. You must be wondering why it is dangerous yet it kills bacteria. In fact, it is better than soaps. But there is another bigger price that you pay for this. It reacts with the ozone to form chlorine in the processing forming toxic dioxins. When the bacteria that they ward off develop resistance, they become a health hazard to the body.



Note: this isn’t specifically a chemical but it’s still something you should be careful of.

Don’t you just love the good smell that come out of them? But there are some issues attached to them. They contain phthalates whose consequences you are now aware. Additionally, they render our cells powerless to perform their detoxification function. With the many toxins that will accumulate in the body, the consequences can be dire. Fragrances are also known to trigger allergies as most of the ingredients used to make it are allergens.  You will find them in most of the scented goodies including perfumes, lotions, certain deodorants, soaps and laundry deodorants.


These insights should be enough to help you rescue your dear health by steering clear of these chemicals.

Which chemicals would you add to the list?

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