30 Day Total Body Transformation Challenge with Sadie Nardini

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If you are looking for a healthy and fun way to transform your body, we have just the right thing for you. There’s no need to starve you and spend countless hours at the gym to achieve a dream body. All you have to do is eat smart and make the most of each workout. This is just what Sadie Nardini’s 30 Day Total Body Transformation Challenge is all about. This program is suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to advance.

Challenge goals

The exercises and diet plans included in the program are designed around 7 main goals:

  • Boosting the metabolism
  • Loosing unhealthy body fat
  • Building lean muscles
  • Centering the body and the mind
  • Learning a smarter way to eat
  • Saving money and time
  • Learning to enjoy exercises

How it works

When it comes to losing weight, there are some elementary mistakes that most people make which keep them from seeing real results. If you spend countless hours at the gym and if you starve yourself, but you still don’t see the results that you are hoping for, that is a clear sign that what you are doing is not working, and it is time to try something else.

A smarter way to workout

Sadie Nardini’s workout program uses a combination of yoga and high intensity exercises called Yoga Shred. These workouts are designed to boost the metabolism and burn fat in just the right body parts. High intensity exercises are scientifically proven to be the most efficient exercises, both for losing weight and getting healthier. And the best part about it is that instead of spending countless hours at the gym, you will just do short 25-minute workouts, only 4 times per week. Each Sunday, you will end the week with a relaxing yoga flow to reward yourself for all the hard work. These workouts will not only help you lose fat and build lean muscles, but they will also help improve your flexibility and coordination, to get a better control over your body.

A healthy diet

While you will only work out 4 times per week, every day will bring something new in this 30-day challenge. The days will alternate between the workout videos and healthy and delicious recipes.


With this program, you will be able to see results very fast, and that alone will be a powerful motivation. However, to keep you even more engaged in the program, you can count on Sadie to support you with motivational videos and content. Her energy and positivity are truly contagious and they will keep you on the right tracks to success.

Mindfulness and inner peace

A body transformation process based on yoga workouts is a great way to achieve your fitness goals, while also nourishing your soul. Most weight-loss workouts are focused just on the body results, and they can be very frustrating, but if you throw some yoga in the mix, all your worries will melt away, and you will learn to love your body even before you reach your ideal weight.

What the program includes

For only $37 you will get lifetime access to the 30 Day Total Body Transformation Challenge. The program will give you access to a personal course page loaded precious content that will teach you how to achieve a healthy and fit body. From empowering Yoga Shred workouts, to cleanings Vinyasa Yoga Flow courses, and food and lifestyle tips, you will have all the right tools at your disposal to transform your body. If you are worried about the intensity of the workouts, rest assured knowing that each video comes with modifications and variations, so that it can suit all people. Sadie will guide you in every step of your body transformation process. The plant based recipes are customizable to suit all tastes, and you can keep using the recipes after you complete the challenge, to enjoy a lifetime of healthy nourishment. You will also receive a TBT Challenge Calendar, so that you can easily keep track of your progress.

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