3 Weight Loss Mantras to Live By

Skim any women’s magazine and you’ll read a successful weight loss story.  Before you gloss over the article or skip to the section that says drop 10 pounds fast, take some time to reflect on three simple mantras I live by.  Living by these slim down slogans has helped me, and I’m confident they can help you as you aim to lead a healthier lifestyle.  If you make these mantras part of your life, you’ll spend less time worrying about your weight and more time enjoying yourself.

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Mantra #1: Say Farewell to Fad Diets.

In fact, just say no to anything extreme.  Avoid diets that require you to cut out any food group for long periods of time.  In some cases, you may find that certain foods or ingredients trigger negative side effects like bloating and cravings but doing anything extreme diet-wise can cause your hair to fall out, increase your irritability, and affect your daily functioning. If you suspect that part of your diet is the cause of slow weight loss or other challenges, consult with your doctor or registered dietician for advice.

Mantra #2: Food is Not the Enemy.

I know a woman who won’t go out to eat because she doesn’t want to blow her diet.  Unfortunately, this same woman hasn’t eaten out in years.  I know that eating out can be a challenge for some people, but there are creative ways to dine at restaurants without feeling like you’ve fallen off the wagon.  One strategy is to research menus before you get to the restaurant and have an idea of what to order.  Make it a rule to order a colorful dish chock-full of vegetables.  Decide what your splurge will be, a small glass of wine or a shared dessert.  Limit the amount of times you eat out but when you do, go to restaurants that make you try new things and get ideas for your own at-home meals. Enjoy life!

Mantra #3: Exercise for the Right Reason.

Some folks exercise because they want to lose weight, period. Instead, I challenge you to think about exercise as something that you do because it improves your life, lowers your stress levels, and helps you function better everyday.  Daily activity is for everyone, so it’s important to do it consistently, teach your kids to do the same, and remove the pressure to lose weight.  Granted, you may drop a few pounds in the process, but your overall goal is different. Plus, it takes the pressure off of you to weigh-in and beat yourself up if the scale .

If weight loss is your goal, incorporate these mantras into your life.  In the meantime, don’t be surprised if you drop a few pounds without even trying.  Taking the stress out of weight loss is the key to long-term success.

What mantras do you live by when it comes to weight loss?

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