3 Ways to Prevent Excessive Underarm Sweating

Are you feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed with the constant and excessive underarm sweating? If the answer is yes then this article is definitely for you. I’ve been going through that excessive underarm sweating and I’m completely aware of how terrible it is. I remember those odd days when I used to have those sweat stains soaked out of my inners and were imprinted on shirts. I would like to list some treatments which I followed and most importantly which worked for me. If you follow these treatments then you can easily get rid of excessive underarm sweating.
If you’re the one who has been suffering from the problem of excessive underarm sweating then you probably would have taken some action instead of just sitting back and doing nothing. All that you’ve done; put it aside for the moment and try to learn these treatments.
The treatment which I will be talking about takes proactive action but I’m very sure that you’re gonna learn how to condition your skin to sweat less rather than those usual methods which teach you how to hide or block the sweats. These treatments are likely to last for long term and therefore I would recommend you to try them out for a week before trying anything else.

1. The Apple Vinegar Remedy

The method is very simple. During night time, when you are done with all your work, apply some apple vinegar or any other malt vinegar to armpits. But, before applying it, make sure that you’ve trimmed underarm hair to a very small length. Now allow apple vinegar to air dry so that it saturates with your armpits sweat pores. Now, you might have a question. Why apple vinegar? Right? That’s because apple vinegar has astringent properties which means that it will ensure your armpits sweat less and remain dry for longer time. When you go for a bath in the morning, simply wash your armpit with normal soap and water.  The acid in the vinegar does most of the job for you. It is absorbed by your armpit and prevents sweating for full day.

2. The Baking Soda Treatment

The baking soda is combined with deodorant which is high in aluminum chloride. The sweat produced by your body is acid whereas baking soda is alkaline. So, when these two items are mixed together, they are highly likely to produce gas which is very much useful in evaporating sweat. In simple words, it conditions the sweat with super-fast blazing speed. This method works best when your armpits are clean shaved. Just take some baking soda and mix it with water to form a thick paste. Now apply the paste to your armpits and sit for 25 to 30 minutes. Finally, simply wash the armpit with water.

3. Botox

Usage of Botox for excessive underarm sweating can definitely put an end to your troubles but the problem lies within its high price tag. The treatment ranges from $700-$1400 depending on the number of body spots you want to treat. They do last for a long time but the results are not permanent.

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