3 Ways to Lace Boots

With a boot, you can walk with style and look smart. Some boot is simple in design and some have lace system like shoes. Lace boot is also same as lace shoes. You have to lace them same like the shoes. But in the boot lacing has some more room that gives the boot a look with function and style.

The methods come in different type and style. This makes the look of the boot unique. But you have to consider comfort and support above the look. So pick the style that will let you look stylish with comfort. Now let’s look at the 3 ways to have the best boot laces. You can pick anyone to lace your boots.

Ways to lace boots:

  • Take a boot that is long up to ankle of your feet. Pick the boot that is long and has long lace. Some boots need lace separately. Measure the laces up to the height of your boot. The height will help you to fix holes in the boot.
  • When you are starting to lace your boot, you have to follow the standard way. The way is making a criss-cross fashion with lace. It looks very stylish. Start from the bottom and make sure you have used all the holes. You have to pull the laces straight up and string it in the eyelet.
  • Start one end by crossing over the boot tongue. Now take the lace and insert it from the bottom in the second eyelet. Make the other holes feel with laces.
  • If you start from left than keep this pattern. For symmetrical look start from right. This consistent gives your boot a clean and nice look.
  • You can lace up to your boot all the way up. If you want a length bit more than skip last holes. It will give you more room and height. If there is extra lace than wrap it around your boots.
  • For army method lacing there are some steps to do. You can use the lace of the boots or take extra laces. For even holes, the laces will go from bottom to outside. For odd number holes, you can string the lace straight and crossway to bottom hole. Start lacing your boot with going across the first holes and make the criss-cross design. Make sure the diagonal lace is under the horizontal lace. Than string the laces vertically into the next hole. String it in each side holes. The lace will go direct above. This will work in both side. Your lace will be in diagonal and horizontal lacing design, criss-cross design in the up and last two with vertical lace. Make sure the lacing is consistent. After lacing the boot, use a bow or tuck in the end. If there is more lace than wrap around the boot. This design is army lace method.
  • Now let’s talk about ladder lace method. This lace is popular for lacing boots. This looks best in high boots. At first go across from the bottom of the hole. Keep the laces outside. Now go to the next hole vertically. Continue doing this. Make a cross over the boot tongue. Connect two boot holes vertically. You will not have to string the lace horizontally. You have to go through the boot hole vertically. Make the design with both lace end. Go straight up and lace the next boot hole vertically. Start from outside and insert it. Do this in the both side than run the lace horizontally. Do this process till up to the end.

Tips for lace boots:

As you know the ways of lace boots, here are some tips to make it easy and fast.

  • Whatever may come, consistency is the main thing to follow. While crossing your laces, maintain the same way. It will avoid the messy look. Make the crossing left over right or right over left.
  • For mirror effect, make the cross lace design in opposite pattern. It looks good.
  • Make sure the shoelace is tied perfectly. This makes the shoe sit straight.
  • Every lace pattern reflects different length. If you go for upfront style than choose short length lace and it will not have excess left. Other styles need long lengthy lace.\
  • To tie straightforward lace, go for crossover pattern.
  • If you want a secured boot, follow the runner boots design. Get a boot with heel lock. It will look different from the traditional boot.
  • With over and under crossover design your feet will stay secured in the boot.
  • If your boot is made from strong leather, lace your boot in army lacing design. It will be flexible and secured.
  • For a high top boot with lots of holes, ladder lacing pattern is perfect.

Boots looks smart and stylish. There was one time when the boot was only considered as working shoe and snowshoe. But nowadays men and women love to wear boots to walk with style. And some boots have laces and they just add sizzling look. But with lace, you have to work well or else your logger boots will be a mess. Here are 3 ways to lace boots that will help you to make the lacing proper and perfect. If you are new to a boot lace, do follow this article. It will help you a lot. You can go to party or date with lace boots. So know the proper style and enjoy your look.

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