3 Ways to Increase Protein Consumption, Diminish Carb Intake and Burn Fat

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Too many carbohydrates and not enough protein can translate into a deficient diet which makes one become fat and lack energy. Although the carbs are the ones easily transformed into energy, they’re also boosting the adipose layer when in excess. To achieve successful weight loss, rigorous and regular exercise must be paired with a protein rich diet. Learn below three ways to boost your protein intake when you don’t fancy too much chicken or steak:

  1. Have more fatty foods

It may sound counter-intuitive, but foods rich in healthy fats will actually help you lose weight. Fitness enthusiasts are known to be keen on lean meats, salmon and tuna, but there’s more you can try in order to get a lot of protein but without the carbs. Hard boiled eggs are a good choice, as well as pumpkin and sunflower seeds, tofu and other soy products, black beans, quinoa or cottage cheese. Also, you should definitely try chickpeas or the delicious hummus made out of these. Greek yogurt and cheese in general will provide you good quality protein without fattening carbs.

  1. Protein supplements

You won’t instantly bulk up if you take those special protein powders that heavy lifters take. If you exercise, these will increase your muscle mass, but it’s a good thing when slimming, too. As you have more muscular fiber, your body uses its energy on it, thus thinning your adipose layers. It is well known that the more muscle you have, the less the fat percentage. Therefore, get yourself a high quality protein powder and make shake drinking a daily habit. Supplementing this way will not just help your body burn more fat, but also recover faster and reduce muscle soreness. However, make sure it’s just protein, without the carbs! It’s important to drink low carb protein shakes and other concoctions, because you don’t want to load on anything else except the protein. Steer clear of products with added sugar.

  1. Nuts and nut butters

The amazing benefit of nuts is that they are loaded with healthy fats as well as with protein. Thus, you can use them to cover two basic macronutrients. Butters made of peanuts, almond, cashew, pecan nuts, and sunflower seeds and so on are both nutritious and tasty. Have at least two tablespoons a day. Opt for the varieties that have less sugar in the recipe. Also, these have the great benefit of flexibility – you can add nut butters to home-made baked goods, spread them on bread or crackers, add them to your vegetable stir fry mixes, to your pasta, meat dishes and so on to experience a fabulous new flavor. Plus, you can blend these into almost any smoothie. There are so many ways to incorporate nut butters into your diet. They can improve the texture of certain dishes thanks to their creamy texture. If you think them out, you can use them as a drizzle on so many foods. Don’t miss this chance of adding more protein to your daily meals! Think that one tablespoon usually has about grams of protein.

As long as you ensure a minimal but proper intake of carbohydrates to provide your body with energy, you can see your weight loss efforts paying off.

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