3 Things to Consider When Choosing Technical Winter Sports Outwear

winter snowballing

If you are into winter sports, things can be pretty costly. Even the outwear greatly ranges in price which makes many individuals wonder why do they even need a special outwear. While most of you will be used to of wearing the waterproof and windproof jacket and going out, it is recommended that you should invest in quality winter sports stuff, especially in the technical outwear.

Why technical outwear?

With other sports clothes available to you at a cheaper price, it is of no surprise that many individuals would ask the question that why do they need a technical outwear. Well, the season of winter can be very harsh and unforgiving, especially when you are into the mountains and doing risky sports. Your clothes need to withstand the rain and snow, protecting you from the chilling breeze and at the same time allowing the sweat to evaporate as you put in hard and long hours for your winter sports practice.

Therefore, you need a special clothing which can protect you appropriately. There are several brands manufacturing the technical wear at a varying price range but we won’t go deep into the companies because everyone has a different budget. While there are many considerations, here are three features that you should take a look at when you go out to purchase the winter sports outfit.

Weatherproof and breathable

The clothes that you are wearing during the sports should be weather proof. In fact, all your winter sports stuff should be able to withstand snow and rain to some extent. With the outwear, it needs to assure that no water reaches your body and the snow shouldn’t be able to send the chilling waves down your spine. Also, you must be protected from nerve wrecking and freezing wind.

But when you desire the weatherproofing, most of the clothing takes away breathability which is essential for sports. When you are working out, you will certainly sweat and it has to be taken away from your body which would only be possible if your outwear is breathable.

Construction type

There are three primary construction types, namely the 2 layer, 2.5 layer, and 3 layer fabrics. It impacts the way your clothing is manufactured and how it is bonded together. The higher end fabrics are layered well and at the same time they would be lightweight as compared to lower end ones which might comprise of only two layers but is likely to be bulky. Also, the construction type largely accounts for the price you pay when you select your sports clothing.

Seam taping

And lastly, one of the thing that people tend to overlook and perhaps the biggest problem with cheap winter wear is the seam taping. When the zips and pockets are sewn in your clothes, small holes are made due to it, which may damage the leak proofing of your outwear. Therefore, seam taping should be considered which closes the holes, either with a tape or a bond, assuring that there are no leaks and your clothes are completely waterproof.

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