3 Parental Control Applications To Protect Your Children

The internet is one place full of content that the mind cannot visualize. With the growth of technology, younger generations tend to be more informed than their predecessor generations because every new device now has internet access capabilities. Nowadays, children are more enlightened when it comes to the internet than their parents.

This is because of two main reasons. The first one is curiosity. The younger people are more curious and they will always attempt to break into the restricted zones. They want to watch those censored movies and access webpages which require parental guidance and have age restrictions. The second thing is too much of free time. Parents tend to be more occupied with work and other responsibilities while children sit idle at home. As they say, an idle mind is the devils workshop. Children spend most of their time on computers and smart devices logged in the internet. Therefore, they end up bumping into things their parents wouldn’t know they even exist.

Now, as a parent, you may think that what you know about the internet is all there is. You are wrong. For a parent who understands the internet, you must have also come across with content that shocked you. If not, you have heard or maybe encountered weirdos and freaks on the messaging apps and sites. Do you think it would be fair to expose your child to such content or people? Definitely, the answer is no. now, parental control software can help you regulate what your children can access on the internet. Of course, software are not the ultimate babysitters against the internet but selecting the best software can give you a great deal of peace when you see your little child glued on the phone.

Here is a quick review of three parental control software you can install to regulate the content your kids can access on their devices

1. Norton family parental control

Norton family parental control is a web filtering tool that does not sacrifice on quality when it comes to child protection against content they should not access. The app is available for windows as well as a limited version for iOS. It can function as a standalone app but it is necessary to purchase its subscription which is actually generous because it allows the user to connect unlimited devices. Some content is already ticked for blocking the moment you purchase it and fill in your child’s year of birth. There is an explanation for every site that Norton blocks. Children can request access to mistakenly blocked sites and you will also get an email notification if he or she tries to access blocked sites. Additionally, you can also see your child’s web visits. Norton does not block ability to call emergency contacts. Symantec has even released norton promo codes for parents who want to buy the computer version of the parental control software. Norton coupons can be found in tech sites like qetes.com

2. Qustodio

Qustodio is available for windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle and Nook. The free version gives the parent ability to set time and rule schedules and block adult content such as pornography. The paid for version has SMS monitoring, social media regulation and per-app controls. It is designed to be the custodian of what the children do online.

3. Kidlogger

Kidlogger is one of the most vigilant parental control software. Besides monitoring what the children type on the websites they visit, it also records the programs they use and the screen grabs they take. Parents who opt for this software will have control over what their children talks to the internet because it has a voice activated recorder. If you feel like your children are older and deserve little privacy, there is an option that enables the parent to select what they want to keep track. Unlike the free version, the paid for premium version is able to silently monitor WatsApp chats and listen to all phone calls.

Some parents may think that children require freedom and ignore need to regulate internet activities. Installing parental control software gives the parent peace. However, the primary reason to have these tools is not for the parents’ peace of mind but protection of the kids from extremely harmful content and people on the internet.

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