3 Foods to Avoid for Better Skincare


Every woman wants to have great skin that gets complimented on. Nobody wants to look dull and wrinkled. While there are many factors that can negatively affect your skin, one of them is food. That’s right – the food that you consume can be damaging your skin internally if you’re not careful. In the following article we look into three such foods that you should avoid for better skin care…

1. Coffee

Now, you don’t have to give up your latte drinking habit altogether. However, if you do care about your skin and want it to improve it, then you should try to cut down your coffee intake. About one or two cups a day would be fine.

The reason why coffee goes against your “skin care” goals is that it’s high in caffeine, and like all other caffeinated drinks, it’s very dehydrating. Everybody knows that dehydration is one of the leading causes premature skin aging.



2. Processed Food
It’s a fact that processed food isn’t good for your overall health, but what about your skin? How is it not good for your skin? The answer is simple – your body needs live enzymes to perform all its metabolic functions, including keeping your skin healthy. And processed foods lack these live enzymes.

If you’re avoiding enzyme-rich fresh, organic foods, your body isn’t able to perform the needed functions. The result is your skin looks dull, dry and aged. The solution is to consume more organic foods, avoid processed food altogether and use a organic skin cleanser which you can buy at an online store.

3. Hydrogenated Oils

Fried foods and commercial baked goods usually contain “hydrogenated oils”. These are nothing but polyunsaturated oils that come in the liquid form (at normal room temperature), which are turned into solid fats through the hydrogenation process. Oils such as canola, corn and soy are hydrogenated creating “trans fats”, which are toxic for your body.

However, since your body doesn’t see them as toxic, these fats are incorporated, which block the utilization of the essential fatty acids that are important for maintaining a healthy skin. Trans fats may also lead to inflammation, which forms the foundation for aging skin. This just goes on  to show that staying away from bakery products is a good idea if you want to have better skin.

The foods that we discussed above can be easily avoided if you put your mind to it. Remember, in order to have a healthy, supple skin, a bit of sacrifice and struggle with your taste buds goes a long way!

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