3 Essential Academic Writing Tools for Students

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Getting high scores is not an easy task for all of the students. Let’s just admit that not everyone is born with equal mental capabilities and for some students impressing teachers is a real grind of work. If you are one of those students, then this article can turn to be super beneficial for you. It includes 3 essential academic writing tools that you can take help from to make your assignments and projects more impressive. Include these tools as a part of your studies and make everyone proud this semester!

The Must-Have Tools

There are countless text tools available online. However, talking precisely about students, there are 3 must-have tools that are best for studies. These are:

  1.       Paraphrasing Tool
  2.       Plagiarism Checker
  3.       Grammar Checker

Use these tools regularly, and you will start seeing a change in your teachers’ response. They are guaranteed to make your writing skills more polished and refined. In short, they will help you achieve A+ grade that you have always been dreaming of!

  1. Paraphrasing Tool

While consulting others’ work in shaping your academic tasks, you often need to paraphrase what has already been said by a researcher or a theorist. Paraphrasing, as a matter of fact, is quite a tricky job to do. Of course, practice makes a man perfect, and the more paraphrasing you do, the more expert you can become. However, at the same time, it’s a kind of big responsibility—you go wrong anywhere and the software will detect your project as plagiarized. It’s also an energy-consuming task that demands lots of time.

The great news is that there is already a solution to your problem. Leave manual paraphrasing and switch to an online paragraph rewriter or paraphrasing tool. There are countless paraphrasing tools available online. With only a few clicks, you can paraphrase a whole junk of text within no seconds. They are way better than manual paraphrasing since the chances of any errors are negligible. They are accurate and always produce plagiarism-free text. However, don’t just select any paraphrasing tool online free on the internet.

The Article Rewriter by SearchEngineReports is the best you can find online. This completely free paraphrasing tool is probably the best you will find on the internet. It’s available in different languages like English, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese et cetera to facilitate people from different linguistic backgrounds. It has a great interface that you will get used to quickly. The paraphrasing tool on this website is one hundred percent safe. It is protected with end-to-end encryption. Thus, even if someone hacks the system, there is no possibility of stealing the content. This software also deletes your files as soon as it provides the final results of paraphrasing.

This tool is really flexible and assists users in several ways. One of the issues often reported by users while trying different paraphrasing tools is how to keep a quote unchanged during the process. You don’t have to worry about this while doing free paraphrasing with the help of this tool. Just capitalize on the whole text, and this paraphrasing tool won’t change it. The same goes for any term or phrase you want to keep intact while paraphrasing.

Article rewriter by this website always produces accurate results. This means that it doesn’t just replace original words with synonyms regardless of paying attention to appropriate semantics. It makes sense out of them. Each replaced word fully adjusts within the context, and hence you can, without any reservations, rely upon this tool completely.

  1. Plagiarism Checker

Assignments, projects, self-studies, research papers, dissertations, and you name it! Every academic activity involves taking help from the internet or books. A good academic paper is something that mentions other people’s ideas, opinions, criticism, and achievements and not just keep revolving around the self-analysis or criticism of the student. The thing is including someone else’s work is not wrong. However, it must be paraphrased in the student’s own words. Otherwise, as soon as your professor would run the paper through software, it would be caught as plagiarized, and this is something you never want. Nobody likes to get embarrassed that they have cheated or stolen someone else’s intellectual property.

Again Plagiarism Checker by SearchEngineReports is one of the best you will find on the internet. It has a database comprising of all the digital content present online. This tool highlights plagiarized text in red, which makes identification quick and easy for the users. This is also a great tool for finding plagiarism in online webpages. Just provide the URL of that webpage, and this tool will show you results within the blink of an eye. Also, get a downloadable report with each search to better understand where you are going wrong with your text.

  1. Grammar Checker

Grammatical errors are a complete no-no when it comes to an academic task. No matter how high your content quality is, just a few grammatical mistakes can ruin all of your efforts. Grammatical errors make your text look childish and significantly decrease your chances of getting A+ grade. If you don’t have anyone to help you around with your writing skills, you can completely rely upon an online grammar checker. This is a great way of making your expression more appealing and understandable for others.

A grammar checker can detect mistakes in terms of spellings, tense, voice, subject, and verb agreement, tautology et cetera. This smart tool also pick words that by spelling may be correct but don’t go with the context. Let’s take an example, “meat me today.” This sentence is correct as far as spellings and structuring of the sentence are concerned. However, it makes no sense semantically. This tool uses its artificial intelligence to replace meat with its homophone meet to correct the meaning of the sentence.



By making a habit of using these tools regularly, you can definitely make a significant change in your academic performance. A paraphrasing tool, grammar checker, and plagiarism detector are great for helping you work on the areas that you have failed to overcome through many years.  They are not merely tools but mentors within themselves.

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