3 Effective Tips for Healthy Skin


Many people think there is a certain time when we should start paying attention to our skin in order to maintain it. Some people start taking care of their skin when they start getting crepey skin but that is too late. However, if you do get crepey skin, you can use the Crepe Erase treatment. However, you should look at the Crepe Erase reviews too choose the correct product for you.

The reality of it is most of us are born with healthy skin. As we grow up, we just don’t pay much attention to it until we notice that our skin has become sallow or full of blemishes, and then we panic. It is around puberty when our skin starts to act out and have acne, pimples and dark spots. This should be the same time that we start to explore ways to maintain our youthful skin.

Eat Healthy

What we eat reflects on our body, both inside and outside. Our skin covers our entire body so it is easy to see the results of unhealthy eating. Keep a healthy diet of lean protein rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. These are beneficial in making your skin glow and keeping it moisturized. Drinking lots of water helps to keep you and your skin hydrated. If you have a choice, always opt for plain water instead of alcohol, coffee and sugary fruit drinks. Even power drinks that promise you the world can contain chemicals and unnecessary components that can be harmful to the skin.

Be Gentle on Your Skin

Treat your skin with care and handle it gently. Our facial skin is one of the most abused parts of the skin and we don’t even know it! Every day, we wash it with soap or a cleanser, apply makeup on it (for women), wipe it vigorously and go out in the sun. Make sure to use a gentle cleanser or soap on your skin, especially on your face. Keep in mind your skin type to avoid triggering breakouts. Keep makeup to a minimum, just enough to add a glow or make you look refreshed. Reserve heavy makeup for special occasions only, not your daily life. Pat your skin dry, do not rub it like you’re trying to erase something from it!

Sun Protection is Key

Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most important aspects of healthy skin. The sun is essential to life but it can cause a lot of damage on our skin. It is one of the prime causes of premature ageing and dark spots. Always use the best sun protection you can find for your skin type. Keep in mind that sun screen has a time limit after it is applied on skin and you may need to re-apply it after a few hours. There are some makeup bases that already have sunscreen on them to remove the hassle of applying too many layers on your face.

Aside from applying sun protection on your face, arms and legs, you should also wear clothes that cover your skin but allow it to breathe, Light, airy tops are ideal for outdoor activities. Dark colored ones can help to screen the sun more but can also turn stuffy because of the color. Even indoor lighting can be the culprit for ageing and dark spots.

During winter, it is best to cover up your skin because the effects of the sun is still the same. You will not feel the heat of the sun when it’s autumn or winter but the UVB and UVA rays are still there to cause damage on our skin. This is especially true for our face since we usually wear clothes that cover up against the cold and our arms and legs should be well protected already.

These 3 highly effective tips can help you maintain your skin and prevent premature ageing and other blemishes.

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