3 Easy Exercises To Tone Flabby Arms


If you want to get rid of the jiggles on your arms, here are three easy exercises to tone flabby arms. These exercises can be done in the comfort of your home.  Along with these strength training exercises you should add some aerobic exercise to reduce body fat and lose weight. These three strength training exercises will help you build arm muscle and give your arms a firm and toned look and the aerobic exercise will burn total body fat.

The strength training exercises should be done every other day. Perform two sets of twelve reps – resting for one minute between sets.

Also perform some type of aerobic exercise for thirty minutes three times a week. You can jog, walk, swim, dance or any other activity that you enjoy. Change your routine so you don’t get bored with it.

Exercises To Tone Flabby Arms – Three Strength Training Exercises

Chair Dips

Sit on the edge of a chair with your feet flat on the floor and hold on to the front edge of the chair (hands on each side of your hips).

Lift your hips off the chair, supporting yourself on your hands. Bend elbows and lower your body until your arms are bent at a 90 degree angle. Lift back up to your starting position. This exercise also works your shoulders and stomach.

Tricep Extensions

Sit in a chair or if you prefer you can stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Choose a dumbbell that you are comfortable with – perhaps 1 to 5 pound dumbbell – depending on your strength. Hold the dumbbell in one hand directly above your head with your arm fully extended to the ceiling (palm should be facing in towards your head).

Very slowly bend your elbow so that the dumbbell is lowered towards your back. Keep your upper arm still and fully extended up – you may want to place your free hand on the back of the dumbbell arm for support. Return to the original position. Switch arms after performing two sets.

Diamond Pushups

Position yourself on the floor in a pushup position. Put your hands on the floor with your thumbs and index fingers touching so they are forming a diamond shape.

If your arms are not yet strong, you may want to rest on your knees rather than your toes to begin with. Slowly lower yourself down and then back up again. Don’t worry if you can’t do the full sets the first time. Just do as many as you can and add a few each time you workout.

Performing these exercises on a regular basis will tone and shape your flabby arms and have you looking great in your sleeveless shirts.  A toning workout is the best solution to lose weight and get healthy.

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