3 Best Car Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Car… for men it is their first love. They just love to keep the car fit and shiny. You will be amazed to see their connection with the car. To keep the car long lifetime partner, proper care is very much required. Even sometimes all you need is the best grease gun. Then First care is keeping the car clean and polished. In this article, you will find 3 best car cleaning tips and tricks that will help to use your time and money properly.

Why keep your car clean?

You may think why to keep your car clean because it gets dirt whenever it goes on the road. You change oil and replace parts and there is much not to do more. Well, it is a big misconception.

Do you know what dirt can do with your car? It is more than smelly filth. The dirt makes a great damage to your car and your money also.

  • Pile of dirt is like sandpaper that wears out the paint and makes it weak.
  • The toxins and rain get mixed with the dirt and make the car body defected and the paint also.

Car paint is important and yes it is a big deal. It not only represents the look, your car body stays protected from different harmful elements. When the paint starts to etch and crack, the car body gets exposed. The car metal gets rusted and spreads in the body. You will get a weak and a hole in the body and a very damaged car. You can’t sell this rusted car if you want money in the emergency state. No one will go for a rusted car if they get a clean and almost new looking car which was taken care of properly.

Cleaning tips and tricks:

As you have learned about the importance of keeping the car clean, there are some tricks and tips to keep the car clean and fit. Let’s check out the tips:

  • When you are ready to give your darling I mean your car a wash, start with washing it with lots of I mean lots of cold water. This helps the dirt loose and let it remove easily. If it possible than spray water in the wheel arch and under the car. But do check the water pressure as it is not good for rust area and loose paint.
  • As for the wheel cleaning, you have to use a wheel cleaner. Because the wheels need special clean. You have to use a soft and small brush that will able to clean all the holes and nooks of the wheels with fluid.
  • In the market, you will find car wash shampoo. This shampoo is really a good thing to use for cleaning the car. This shampoo is not pricey, it is cheap and gives the best cleaning you can imagine. While using this shampoo, use a wet sponge to wash and lots of cold water after washing.
  • After full wash, it is important to dry the car properly. If it is not done properly, your car will have marks that are not good for your car body. Use a synthetic cloth to wipe the car dry. You can use the cloth for a long time if you properly wash and dry the cloth properly. If you are in hurry and have no time to wipe the car dry then pour ¾ buckets of fresh clean water on your car. Than drive. The wind will dry the car body. But when you have time, do wipe with clean water.
  • You can polish your car. You can wax or polish. But polishing frequently makes your car body rough. So polish car once or twice in a year. You can wax the car 3/4 times. This keeps car body well and glittery. While waxing or polishing, use a cloth to apply the waxing or polishing and another cloth to dry the polish off. You can polish your alloy wheels also. The brake dust solid and long-lasting. But remember to polish or wax your car in shade.
  • You can clean all the car glass on both sides. You can use liquid or spray soap. But thick cream soap is better than the liquid one.
  • Cleaning the inside of the car is also important. Use a vinyl cleaner to clean the dashboard and the plastic surface. You can clean rubber mats with soap water. Make sure to dry them properly after washing, or else the mat will spread dump smell.

These tricks and tips will help you to clean the outside and inside of your car. This car ensures your cleaning professionally. So you don’t have to think about the extra expenses that need while cleaning your car in cleaning professional car cleaning service.

If you have a car, you have to take care of it by keeping it clean. Because it stays good and stays with you for long years. You can also sell your old car as a new car if you take care of your car properly. So you need to clean your car properly. Follow this 3 best car cleaning tips and tricks, it really works. Your time and money will get save and you will enjoy your time with your car. Some may find car cleaning a hard task if you use proper cleaning equipment’s your cleaning task will go easy and fast. So be smart and use proper washing elements for your car.

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  1. Deb Pearl says:

    I’m glad you mentioned that if your car isn’t dried properly then your car will have marks. on it. I will have to make sure that I use a synthetic cloth wipe to get all the water off my car. Thank you for all your car washing tips. I will make sure to keep them in mind next time I have to clean my car.

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