3 +1 Safe Dental Marketing Ideas That Will Always Work Like Charm

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Have a dental practice to promote? Need patients fast and don’t want to waste time and money on ideas that don’t work (or at least don’t work for your industry)?

This article is for you.

Instead of listing all kinds of marketing ideas, in this article you’ll find only marketing ideas that work for a dental practice.

But there’s something more. Marketing ideas are just like the pieces of a car. They don’t do much until you put all the pieces together.

This is why you’ll also discover practical dental marketing strategy example that will help you position your dental office as an authority, get more patients faster and also maximize the efforts of your whole marketing efforts.

Let’s dive right into!

1. Get targeted traffic through Google Ads or SEO

Google Ads (former Google Adwords) is the first dental marketing idea you should try if you want to promote your dental practice and get new patients fast.

SEO, on the other hand, will get you results, but only on the long run.

Here’s the difference. On Google Ads, you create dental ads that show up to people only when they search for specific keywords you choose.

For example, if someone searches for “teeth whitening in Texas” your ad could show up to them (only if you select these keywords to act as a trigger).

Now, if someone clicks on this ad, you will pay some money to Google. If no one clicks, you pay nothing.

The best part is that you can set up a campaign in a couple of hours.

Now, what about SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means that you optimize your website so that it shows up (organically) when people type in some keywords in Google.

The difference between SEO and dental Adwords is that SEO is free. You don’t have to pay so that your website shows up.

The problem is, it takes time and it’s a lot of competition to get there.

So, what can you do?

Start with Adwords. Get some dental ads running when people search for your services. Than, little by little, start investing in SEO. In the long run, it really pays off.

2. Laser target people in your area using Facebook Ads

Facebook is a great online marketing strategy for dental practices because this is where our attention is right now.

We watch news on Facebook. We stalk our friends on Facebook. We even search for jobs on it! Basically, it pays a big role of our lives, just as television or newspaper used to do in the past.

And for a dental marketer (or for a practice owner) is a great tool because it enables you to laser target your audience.

For example, you can show an ad only to people who live in a certain area, like your town or even you neighbourhood!

Or, you can reach people who have certain interests or behaviors.

For example, you can reach people who appreciate pages related to dentistry. Or you can reach only parents who have children between certain ages. Isn’t this cool?!

The only downside of using Facebook as a dental marketing strategy to promote your dental office would be the fact that it’s a less intent-based marketing channel than Google.

A person who opens up Google, has a certain intent regarding your services. On Facebook, you basically interrupt what a person was doing to show your ad.

3. Local SEO and Google My Business

Local SEO works in similar ways as the usual search engine optimization. The only difference is that you optimize your website to show up for local searches like dentist in + town/area.

It takes some time until you’ll see results, but in the long run it’s one of the most efficient ways to promote a dental practice.

Google My Business is another way you can increase your chances of showing up in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and get more patients in general.

All you have to do is basically claim this listing (for free) and complete with information about your office like the address, phone number, business hours, and types of payments accepted.

Don’t forget to include as many details as possible and the last, but not least, make sure you ask your patients to leave you reviews. These will make a difference if your website will show up in Google’s Local Pack or not.

This is probably the most efficient and simple dental marketing strategy ever

If you want to get new patients, you have to basically do two things.

First, drive relevant traffic to your website. What does relevant mean? People who are interested in your services. People who searched on Google for dentists in their area. Or people who looked for some information about a particular service like teeth whitening for example.

You accomplish this through a combination of Google Ads (for the short term) and SEO (long-run).

Second, use retargeting to convince people to become your patients.

What is retargeting? Retargeting is a way to re-engage people who visited your website, but didn’t take action.

You can show them additional information they might need to end up completing a form on your website or scheduling a consultation.

You can do this through both Facebook and Google.

If you don’t use retargeting, basically 99% of your traffic is lost. They’ll never get back and buy from you.

So, remember, 2 steps for an efficient dental marketing strategy:

  • Drive relevant traffic
  • Offer additional information to persuade people to take action.

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