In today’s modern society, you expose yourself to a huge amount of toxins from what you eat, drink, or breathe, so once in a while you have to help your body to expel these toxins, through a detox program.

The best way to detoxification is to change your diet. Small things like eating wild rice, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrot, papaya, peaches, cauliflower and celery can help your organism to get rid of toxic substances. Fruits and fruit juices can also help you dissolve the stockpile of toxic waste.24 detox diet

In a 24 hour detox eating plan, you can clean your gastrointestinal system, as well as your liver and kidneys. Cleaning your system of toxins takes discipline, so you must restrict your eating habits.

Here’s what an eating plan for a detox day includes:

  • Start your detoxification day with a large glass of water with lemon juice. This drink has been prepared in the evening before the detox day by squeezing a lemon in a cup of boiling water. You can leave the whole lemon in the hot water over night.
  • Have a big bowl of fruits for breakfast.
  • By 11 o’clock you can drink some fresh made vegetable juice (2 sticks of celery, 2 carrots, a beetroot and a chunk of ginger root). If you don’t like this type of juice, you can have some raw vegetables, instead.
  • For lunch, you can eat a large vegetable salad mixed with a dressing of hemp seed oil, olive oil and lemon juice.
  • In the afternoon, two hours after lunch, you can have another vegetable juice.
  • A salad with romaine lettuce, chicory, alfalfa and sliced avocado, sprinkled with olive oil and vinegar is recommended for dinner.
  • Over the day, between meals, you should drink at least two litres of water or herbal teas (nettle or dandelion).

During the detox day, you might experience, headaches and fatigue. You may be tired because the process of eliminating toxins uses a lot of energy, but after detoxification, you will be more energized; your skin will be clearer and your eyes brighter.  Your memory will get sharper and you’ll focus better.

For 24 hours of dieting, the benefits seem to be encouraging, so once in a while you should try this method of cleansing your body.



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