20 Tips for Elders to Feel Young and Healthy

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Getting older is a fact of life. However, your age doesn’t have to determine how young and healthy you feel. Your mindset plays an important role in aging. Allow your mind to take control and shed years off of your age.

• Choose to participate in life. Sitting around the house doing nothing can make you feel old. Choose to participate in the activities of life rather than wasting it away sitting at home.

• Don’t be depressed about aging, embrace it. Being depressed about your age can make you feel older. Embrace your age and choose to defy the odds.

• Stay on top of your health. Good health is the key to feeling younger. Know that you are doing what you can to stay healthy.

• Eat healthy food. Eating healthy food is the key to living a long life.

• Gardening can keep you active. In an effort to eat healthy food and life longer, choose to grow your own garden. Staying active with gardening is a great way to provide your own food.

• Get plenty of exercise. Make exercise an important part of your life if you want to feel young and healthy. Exercise as least 3 to 5 days a week.

• Keep in contact with your friends. Socialization is important to staying young and healthy. The more time you spend with your friends, the younger you will feel.

• Find new hobbies. New hobbies will keep you adventurous. Adding adventure to your life will help you feel young and healthy.

• Stay with the current trends in fashion. If you want to feel younger, you need to dress younger. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin or stick to the current trends in fashion. No one said that getting older meant that you have to dress older.

• Keep up you appearance. Keep your hair appointment to maintain a youthful experience. Keeping up your appearance will say that you still care.

• Be involved in the community. Being involved in the community will promote the socialization that is so important to feeling young and healthy. Are there areas that you can volunteer in your community?

• Join a gym. Joining a gym will encourage you to exercise. Exercise can make you feel young and healthy. It is also the perfect place to meet new friends.

• Do something that you never thought you could at your age. Don’t let your age put limitations on you. Train to run a marathon or do something else that seems almost impossible at your age.

• Meet new people. Focus on meeting new people to add to your social circle. You may just meet friends who have the same goal and ambitions as you do.

• Stay up to date on technology. Technology is ever evolving. Falling behind in technology can make you feel old. Update your cell phone and learn new computer programs to stay up to date on technology.

• Keep your home up to date. Don’t let your home get behind in the times. Keeping your home up to date can actually make you feel younger.

• Maintain your independence. Do what you can to maintain your independence. Keeping your independence will make you feel younger.

• If you can do it, don’t hire it done. If there are things that you can do, don’t hire people to get the job done. If you can mow your own yard, mow it yourself instead of hiring a lawn boy.

• Travel. To feel younger, go to the places that you dreamed of visiting when you where younger.

• Go back to school. Now, more than ever, older people are choosing to go back to school. It is never too late to get the degree that you always wanted to get. Going back to college can make you feel younger and be very rewarding.

Use the 20 tips listed above to help you feel young and healthy. The key to having a successful later adult life is to stay active. What will you do to help you feel younger today?

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