20 Health Benefits Of Almonds


Almonds are truly amazing nuts with incredible health benefits. These nuts are being liked by people across the globe and are used as common ingredients in food items and chocolates. They are used in preparing sweets, confectionaries and baking items. They posses excellent health benefits and medical experts firmly believe that constant intake of almonds will improve your health to a greater extent.

Almonds can be taken in its various forms such as nuts, oil, paste etc. This article will discuss some of the health benefits offered by the nuts.

Health Benefits Of Almonds

  • Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats which help to control the bad cholesterol present in the body. They help in eliminating the bad fat from the body.
  • These nuts help in improving the tone and color of skin. It improves the appearance and has the ability to prevent skin from getting wrinkles. It also prevents from getting black heads and pimples.
  • Almonds help your skin to achieve better complexion and avoid darkening of skin color.
  • Almond oil helps in reducing the stress related factors and will improve the blood flow to a greater extent. Drinking almond oil will prevent you from the ill effects of fatigue and avoids the formation of getting black circles under the eyes.
  • They are rich in fiber content. Hence, it proves to be a better medication for people affected with constipation.
  • Almonds are rich in copper, vitamins, iron and other essential nutrients. Hence, it helps to fight anemia in a better way. This can be a good augmentation to the general medication and dosage for such disorders.
  • Applying almond oil on your head will minimize the impacts of dandruff and hair fall problems. A gentle massage after applying the oil will nourish the hair follicles.
  • Sweet almond oil is a good carrier of medication drugs and doctors use this oil to inject the necessary drugs.
  • These nuts act as natural alternatives to laxatives. They help in fighting constipation to a greater extent.
  • The nuts are good detoxifying and antioxidant agents. Hence, they help in the best possible ways to reduce weight and maintain a proper physical shape.
  • People who suffer to intake vitamin E from their regular diet can take the help of almonds as they are ideal source of vitamin E.
  • Babies who find it a problem to intake mil products can be supplied with almond and almond mixed products that will give the same amount of nutrients as milk products.
  • Almonds also improve the bone density and its structure in the long run. They are quite beneficial and help to lead a healthy life.
  • These nuts are active agents which can control the sugar level in blood stream. Hence, people can avoid the ill effects of diabetes by consuming little bit of almonds after their meals.
  • Almonds are rich in nutrients that will help in the proper development and growth of brain muscles and nerves. Hence, it is highly recommended to make these nuts as an active member of the food items given to children. It helps them to develop high intellectual capacities.
  • Almonds are good for heart ailments. They are rich in potassium, protein and mono-saturated fats. Vitamin E and other essential nutrients minimize the risk of heard related disorders.
  • A gentle massage with almond oil is highly recommended for babies. This will help them to have soft skin. Almond milk is added as an ingredient in the baby soaps for the same reason.
  • They help in preventing cancer by regulating the movement of food particles through the colon.
  • The nuts are rich in folic acid. They help in reducing the birth related defects in pregnant mothers and new born babies.
  • They are rich in manganese, riboflavin and copper which will help in boosting the energy level.
  • Last but not the least, there is one more benefit which will outsmart all of the above said benefits. Even when you do not have any of the above said defects, it is still recommended to intake almonds as a regular course during your meals at least once in 2 days. This will help you to have a healthy life style. You can actually benefit by taking almonds in the right quantity and avoid all the above discussed defects.

Though almonds are little bit expensive, it is still recommended to buy them in smaller quantities and make them as a part of your diet. The results are simply amazing and can work like wonders in the long run. Make sure you do not miss to reap the benefits of these nuts and stay healthy.

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