15 Ways To Use CBD Infused Honey


CBD on its own is credited for having very many therapeutic benefits, including reduction of stress and anxiety, nausea, inflammation and pain treatment, cancer treatment, management of epilepsy symptoms as well as cardiovascular diseases. Getting all this with no risk of side effects makes CBD an unrivaled natural supplement.

On the other hand, besides its irresistible sweetness, honey has its own share of health benefits. This makes it the healthiest substitute for sugar. Thus, having CBD and honey (CBD infused honey) makes one of the greatest combinations for health and general well being.

You can make your own CBD honey at home or opt to purchase CBD honey sticks. The sticks are a quick and convenient way to get the complete benefits of CBD honey and are available as single sticks or in a pack. That said; here are 15 ways on how you can use CBD infused honey:

  1. For sweetening tea

As an alternative to sugar, natural honey has for long been in use as a tea sweetener. The infused honey plays this role just as well but with all the other added benefits. It is a great way to make bitter tea sweet in a healthy way.

  1. As a relieve for coughs

When mixed with water containing lemon juice, cinnamon, and ginger root extract, the CBD infused honey provides relief from coughs. When you know the right way of making this recipe, you will be guaranteed cough free nights.

  1. As a refreshment drink

This too will require you to have an idea of how best to make it. If you do it right it can be a perfect drink during long days at work or after a workout. You can make it by blending the honey with lime/ lemon juice in water and adding a pinch of sea salt.

  1. For salads

By mixing the honey with an equal portion of olive oil and vinegar, and then adding pepper, salt and any of your preferred herbs, you will come up with a healthy and tasty salad. This will not only save you some money but will also come with added health benefits.

  1. Use with peanut butter

Mixing the peanut butter with CBD honey pot will result in an even healthier combination. This can be a rich spread that will provide the energy to face the day.

  1. Homemade marshmallows

Put together the ingredients needed to make marshmallows. You can choose to ignore the optional ingredients but make the CBD infused honey the main ingredient. You will enjoy the experience as well as the nutritive value of your marshmallow.

  1. Treatment of Acne

It is easy to rid your face off the disturbing spots by using the honey containing the CBD to clean your face. You will achieve this without interfering with cell or sebum production. Within no time, your skin will be spotless and looking healthier.

  1. For hangover treatment

It’s normal to wake up with a hangover after a night of overindulgence. By taking tea that has CBD infused honey, you will surely get some relief. The honey will help in breaking down the alcohol to harmless levels by neutralizing the toxins.

  1. As an allergy reliever

Honey is famous for providing relief from allergies that occur seasonally. CBD, on the other hand, takes care of other severe allergies. A combination of the two will clearly leave you, allergy free. Just a spoonful of the CBD infused honey each day will tame the allergens.

  1. For stomach ulcer

The discomfort brought about by stomach ulcers will only be temporarily silenced by prescription medicines. But a daily intake of honey every morning before taking anything else, and another spoonful before going to sleep, will guarantee you pain-free days and comfortable nights.

  1. Treatment of minor burns

Applying CBD infused honey to low degree burns keeps the area sterile by forming a protective layer, thus hastening the time for healing. This can only apply for the minor burns and should not be attempted on second or third-degree burns.

  1. Reduction of acidity

The burning feeling caused by acid reflux is easily contained by just a spoonful of the honey infused with CBD. By taking a spoonful of the honey daily, you will not only get relief from the existing reflux but also keep away any recurrences.

  1. For moisturizing the lips

CBD infused honey is a perfect lip balm when combined with a few available ingredients. The honey is a natural way of keeping your lips shiny, moisturized and healthy. The skin of the lips can absorb an amount of CBD giving it all the benefits associated with CBD.

  1. Reduces muscle pains

Most of the muscle pains are caused by lack of enough water in the body. The dehydration can cause sore muscles just as much as a workout would. By mixing the honey with a few herbs then adding plain and coconut water, the drink will keep you hydrated so pain-free.

  1. Cure for cramps

Menstrual cramping has its fair share of discomfort and its worse when you keep expecting it each month. A tablespoonful of CBD honey taken in warm water will ease this pain. You keep taking the warm honey water until the pain is gone. The idea is to quicken the production of omega 6 that helps in taming the pain causing hormones.


There is so much to gain from the use of CBD infused honey, whether from taking the homemade one or by chewing on the CBD honey sticks. It is a product that should be on every kitchen shelf not only to maintain good health but also to take care of emergencies and daily life discomforts. There are many brands of CBD honey sticks commodity available in the markets. Thus, it’s important to distinguish the fake ones from the real ones in order to leap the full benefits of the CBD infused honey and to get real value for your money.

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