14 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a truly an extraordinary plant. It is one of the most commonly used plants by human beings on Earth. Its uses spread far and wide including medicinal, health, rehabilitation, and for many other purposes. It is also widely considered the most diversely used plant on earth as it can be used in more unique ways than any other plant type. Aloe Vera’s uses can be applied through various forms as a result of it having such a wide spectrum of usage. From curing Eczema, relieving heartburn, to even hair restoration, the list can sometimes almost seem endless. Today let us explore the 14 most impressive and impacting uses of Aloe Vera.

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Sunburn Relief – This is the probably the most commonly recognized use of the Aloe Vera plant. Not only does discoloration get restored, but actual structural tissue damage of the skin is slowly aided and restored with the body’s natural healing mechanisms. As a bonus, pain alleviation does not take long when applied. Generously applying the plants natural fluid to any sunburn will quickly help return the burnt area of the skin to normal. Actual healing begins almost instantaneously when applied. Most see a full recovery in a few days.

Sting and Itch Reduction from Insect Bites – This is probably the second most commonly known and actual use of the plant. Mosquito bites in particular can be fended off with aloe. Swelling and itching can be relieved almost instantaneously when applied. Bee stings are far more painful than any mosquito bite. Aloe can also ease this pain relatively quickly. Just be sure the stinger is fully removed from your skin, prep the area that was stung with warm water, then apply as needed.

Alleviate Asthma – For people that suffer from asthma, aloe can actually help. When boiling the Aloe Vera’s leaves in a pan in water, by breathing these vapors in you can alleviate asthma. This will open, clear, and cleanse your lungs in a very healing way.

Acne and Warts – Breakouts are unsightly and rather more of a nuisance than anything. Aloe can be a player that you use to help fend off blemishes and developing acne related skin growths. Aloe can even help shrink wart growths reducing inflammation (but not fully eradicating the skin growth).

Allergic Skin Reactions – Herpes, Poison Ivy, Unknown Rashes – Herpes can be combated with aloe reducing its inflammation similar to its affects on acne. Poison ivy can also be banished when applied to the affected area of the skin once identified. There are many types of rashes out there that we contract without ever even knowing what hit us. For example, poison oak is a sneaky one that gets many people. Aloe sure enough has been proven to treat dozens of rashes (including poison oak) and return the affected areas of the skin back to 100% health.

Heart Health – When taken orally, Aloe can reduce triglycerides and cholesterol for a healthier stronger heart. Your hearts health should not be forgotten as many of us are guilty of this all too often.

Scarring, Stretch Marks, Wrinkles, Discoloration and Pigmentation – Aloe is also good for fading scars, blurring out stretch marks, restoring normal skin color, and even can go as far as reducing wrinkles. Results of course will vary from person to person for wrinkle reduction depending on the skins age and wrinkle amount.

Healthy Blood – When in a diluted liquid form, once drank it can lower blood sugar levels. This can be especially helpful for diabetics.

Swabbing Blisters – Blisters can be quite annoying. Not only are they unsightly but they can also be painful. Aloe can help shrink them down in the similar fashion to wart treatment. Popping blisters can be a quicker fix to blister treatment, but this can be painful and leave a sore red mark for days. It’s better to use a topical ointment like Aloe Vera to shrink blisters away.

NOTE: Many topical ointments today can be expensive where Aloe Vera when bought in moderation can cost very little. Aloe is a much more inexpensive alternative than other ointment products for issues similar to this.

Noteworthy Internal Pains – Aloe can help reduce painful heartburn when ingested. Aloe can also ease arthritic and rheumatism pains as well when taken orally.

Reduce Frostbitten Tissue Damage – For those of you that live in colder parts of the world, attention! Aloe Vera can actually help frostbitten skin. Its natural healing components are best known for soothing skin issues. Frostbitten skin is no exception and Aloe can help you here if you need it too.

Banishing Black and Blue bruising – Bruises from hits or bumps from hard contact to the skin can cause a form of skin discoloration. Usually Black, Blue, and even green and yellow colors have been noted. Like with any skin discoloration, aloe can come swooping in and save the day.

Chemical and Heat Burns – When your skin has been burned by high temperatures, heat, fire, steam, boiling water, and various sorts of chemicals, this can really put a damper on ones day.  Aloe can slowly rejuvenate even the worst kinds of burns like these.

Relieving Gastrointestinal Problems – Aloe can be ingested. Mixing it with water or some other fluid can help get it down more easily. Aloe can help move things along in the digestive tract and help with an unsettled stomach, constipation, bloating, and others. It is often recommended for its laxative effects.

As we can clearly see, Aloe Vera is here to stay. With all of its benefits it’s amazing than we don’t take as more advantage of it. Aloe Vera is truly the most diversely useful plant on planet earth. When our ancient ancestors first discovered it, I bet they relied on it more than used it as a quick cure. So don’t forget today’s points. This is the all star usage list of Aloe Vera. Share it, make note of it, and above all go start applying the ones that apply to you!

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