13 Reasons Why Should I Exercise Daily

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Start working out now so that you don’t have to worry about losing your weight when it gets out of control. The only thing that one can do is regret, after a few years, thinking only if I would have started then where would I be now. This also goes for our skinny dudes out there. Taking out a few minutes out of your not-so-busy like won’t be much of a problem. Can’t you dedicate half or one hour from all the time you have for yourself? No one else is going to do anything for you, you have to do it yourself.

Many of us make invalid excuses like gym memberships cost too much but in reality, it is just laziness. If you are really sincere find a cheaper gym or just do some exercises at home. Most people make the mistake of wearing regular clothes and then complain about poor results. Workout clothes are made for working out and help with better performance in many ways. Exercise is not limited to gyms and running other physical activities like hiking, sports, even martial arts can be a source of daily workout. You can try your favorite activities too! So, here are reasons that may open your eyes.

Helps with breathing

The time and age factor do affect our lungs. Obesity and other issues that are caused by fat also have adverse effects on our breathing. Some people are struggling to breathe normally but they do not have any idea because they are so used to it. Exercise is great as it helps to lose the fat that causes all the problems and on top of that, it improves breathing by opening our lungs and providing it with fresh air. Then more oxygen reaches the cells providing them with needed oxygen (i.e. is in the blood). Running and cycling are the most common workouts that help with this. If you want better results do morning workouts in the fresh air.

Energy source

Exercise, regardless of its type, provides a good energy source. It helps circulate the blood properly to the body even to those muscles that you didn’t use in a while. Releasing the stress helping you sleep better is just enough to start.

Improved flexibility

Different type of exercises has different results. If you want more flexibility then try workouts that are focused on that and results are assured, assuming you do everything else right.


Seeing your improved and muscular body in the mirror, experiencing your improved game, noticing you can push yourself further, wearing stylish workout bottoms and shirts, gaining or losing weights are some factors that can improve your confidence. It is not hard, and you might not notice the difference but others will. Taking pre and post pictures and measurements are the best way to see the result.

Endorphin rush

Who doesn’t love some endorphin rush? This is what makes you happy and improves the mood after a workout because exercise helps release these chemicals.

Being true to yourself

Since it has been a part of your routine, even if you just give it 30-minutes, it won’t feel like doing much after some while. You overcome the challenges and push your limits further expanding the horizons. A healthy diet and improved lifestyle come with it. Of course, cheat meals once a while is completely fine.

A new lifestyle

In the end, it is just a part of your new lifestyle, i.e. a new lifestyle and exercise will not feel like a burden. With time you find your peace with it.

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