13 Foods to Make you Happy in 2018

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13 does not sounds like a happy number, right? None the less, the New Year has already rolled in and most of us have already moved into our offices and work places to carry out our regular activities. Celebrations are already done and regular life and the stress and worries it brings have started to make us feel down already. Thirteen or not, life is always busy and full of stress – less time for fun and more time for work.

Let’s not worry about the number anymore and start working towards making this 13 a happy and healthy year.

To make you happy in 2018, we have compiled a list of 13 foods that boosts your mood and make you happy.

Walnuts – Who does not like walnuts? We can all agree that it is Tasty and full of – the all-powerful omega3 fatty acids which, apart from other health benefits, boosts mood exponentially.

Carrots – This root vegetable is great for health, eat it raw or cook it, juice it or boil it, whichever way you want to eat it – it is your choice, as the health content of carrot it huge. The vitamin biotin, which is available in carrots, is thought to lift moods and help remove fatigue.

Parsley – This is a great food for the brain, makes you more present minded by increasing your alertness. A happy and healthy brain is the base for you’re over all happiness.

Strawberries – This particular type of berry is perhaps the most helpful one when it comes to improving our mood.

Chocolate – Now, this does not need introduction. If you eat chocolate, you will be happy. However, when it comes to getting euphoria, chocolate does it the best.

Ice-cream – Again, we all know ice cream can make us happy, this is mainly due to the fact that ice cream comes from milk which is rich in protein, vitamin a, calcium etc.

Bananas – It is rich in potassium, which is good for keeping a healthy nerve. The naturally available sugar of banana is many times better than the artificial ones available, making it a great mood booster.

Oranges – This is an excellent option if you are looking for anti-oxidants. Also, it is rich in vitamin c, vitamin b and flavonoids – which makes it a good food to keep us happy.

Yogurt – This is one of the healthiest foods available on this list. Being a pro-biotic, yogurt helps in keeping a healthy stomach. Rich in calcium, protein, makes it a very healthy food that makes us happy.

Honey – Honey can be used as an alternative to artificial sugars, and perhaps it is the best alternative we got. Apart from the excellent taste, it is also a natural anti-depressant.

Tomatoes – This vegetable is rich in antioxidant Lycopene, which helps in keeping a healthy brain, thus making you an overall happy person.

Eggs – Rich in protein, zinc, omega3 fatty acids etc. eggs are not only good for health, but it also keeps your stomach full for a longer time.

Coconut – Eat the white stuff in the inside of the coconut for a very happy mood. The stored ones with added stuffs are usually not good, try eating the naturally available coconut for better health.

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