12 Tips to Cope with Asthma


Having your airway choked is no fun and that is what asthma is capable of. Breathing is one of those basic fundamental things that most people take for granted, but same is not the case with those who suffer with asthma as shortness for breath is the most prominent symptom of asthma. However with proper knowledge and a decent asthma management plan, one can make living with asthma easier.

In this article, we are going to discuss some ways that will help you in dealing with asthma and make your life peaceful.

Stay Calm – The problem with this kind of an attack is that more we panic the stronger the attack becomes. In such a situation it is important to stay calm.

Learn about your attacks – Each of us has our own asthma triggers. This can be dust, pollen, foods etc. Just make sure to avoid things that trigger an attack.

Diet – This is again something that is different from an individual to another. Make sure to keep yourself away from foods that give your asthma attacks.

Focus – One of those problems with an asthma attack is that we only start to take it seriously when it is too late. When it seems like you are going to have an asthma attack, just forget what you are doing and immediately try to fix the attack.

Exercise – Check the time of the day when you get the least attacks. Make sure you are breathing fine before starting an exercise. Also, it might be a good idea to do some warm ups before jumping into the real exercises.

Water – Drink several glasses of normal drinking water at room temperature. Drinking water always helps.

Quit Smoking – Nothing more to say about it. Just quit it.

Change in weather – While you cannot control the weather, but at least you can keep yourself safe by staying indoors and taking the change of weather slowly. Suddenly exposing yourself to a change in weather by going outside can sometimes increase the chances of getting an asthma attack.

Stress – Mental stress and tension are bad for asthma. Try to keep a peaceful mind and stay calm.

Relax – When you are under an attack, try to relax. Do not talk much, if possible ask someone to give you the medicine which you take rest.

Home based help – Some Indian spices like garlic or onion helps in bring down the attack.

First aid – Teach your family members about asthma and how to do first aid for asthma.

Make sure to contact a doctor before applying these tips. As an asthma patient you should be in touch with a doctor as emergencies can happen without notice.

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