12 Health Benefits of Blackberries


Blackberries can be tart or sweet, but they will always be delicious. If you love blackberries, then you’re in luck: Blackberries are high in antioxidants that can help flush out toxins from your body, slow down the cell aging process, and give you overall health.

You should add blackberries to your diet, whether as a snack or tossed in your favorite salad.

Here are a few reasons why you should eat blackberries.

Health Benefits of Blackberries

1. Blackberries can help prevent cancer – Aside from being loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, blackberries are also rich in polyphenols. These wonder compounds have been linked to cancer prevention. These include breast and esophageal cancer, which early research has shown to be prevented by blackberries. Blackberries can also potentially prevent colon cancer through their high fiber content.

2. Blackberries can help with brain health – With the help of antioxidants called anthocyanins, blackberries can actually encourage good brain health by helping you retain your memory better. Anthocyanins are the pigment that give blackberries their rich color, and have been linked to other health benefits.

3. Blackberries can give you better heart health – Anthocyanins have also been found to contribute to a lower risk of developing hypertension. Aside from that, blackberries can strengthen your blood vessels and even help you fight heart disease. A good dose of blackberries each day can therefore give you a chance to develop a healthy heart! And who wouldn’t want that? Just eating blackberries is relaxing!

4. They can help keep your eyes healthy – Blackberries are loaded with Vitamin A and C, as well as antioxidants. This potent combination can help your eyesight stay good for a much longer time. Research shows that a diet rich in antioxidants can help prevent macular degeneration and other age-related diseases of the eyes.

5. They can aid in digestion – Blackberries are also higher in tannins. These have been found to relieve inflammation in the intestines, as well as stomach disorders. This means that blackberries can help you digest your food better without you having to feel awful afterward. Blackberries naturally slow the movement of food through your intestines, allowing your body to absorb nutrients better – and allowing you to make the most out of the good foods in your diet!

6. They can help reduce hemorrhoids – Blackberries are high in fiber as well. Fiber-rich foods can help you pass bowels cleanly and easily, and reduce the painful hemorrhoids that occur when you can’t push bowels out.

7. They can boost your immune system – The high vitamin C and Vitamin E content of blackberries can help give your immune system a much needed boost. This is because Vitamin C can provide you with a dose of energy and mental alertness without straining your body or preying on your body’s immune system. Moreover, because blackberries supply you with antioxidants, they can help you push toxins out of your body, taking a load off your already strained immune system.

8. They can help prevent diabetes – Because blackberries are high in fiber, they can help flush out toxins from your body as well as allow your body to absorb nutrients better. They have been found to reduce your risk of getting intestinal diseases. Blackberries also contribute to a lower risk of diabetes.

9. They can give you an energy boost – Blackberries are rich in vitamins, which can give you an energy boost, especially after a long workout. Use blackberries as your “refueling” source instead of relying on sugared drinks or chocolate bars. Moreover, blackberries have been found to help fight obesity, giving you encouragement to keep working out!

10. They can make your skin healthier – Blackberries are a good source of the antioxidant ellagic acid, which can help protect your skin from the damage brought about by UV light. Moreover, the vitamin C in blackberries hastens wound healing, and can help lessen wrinkles. This means you can have healthier, fairer skin that battles the signs of aging when you consume blackberries.

11. They can relieve the symptoms of PMS – Blackberries contain large amounts of phytoestrogens, or estrogens found in plants. When ingested, blackberries can actually relieve PMS symptoms, including cravings and bloating. Moreover, phytoestrogens have been found to relieve hot flashes in menopausal women.

12. They can keep your bones healthy – Blackberries also contain high amounts of Vitamin K. You can receive a third of the recommended daily allowance from a cup of blackberries. Vitamin K aids in blood clotting and even allows your body to absorb calcium better. This can lead to better and stronger bones and teeth.

Blackberries can be tossed with almonds, lettuce, and cucumber for a light salad. Consider a blackberry-based salad dressing for your next salad, too! You can also have blackberries as a snack, as well as part of a fruit compote. Instead of topping ice cream with fudge or caramel, try blackberries for a tart and sweet finish.

No matter what you use blackberries for, they can highlight the tastes of your dish. They’ll make you healthier, too! Try this antioxidant-rich berry today and you’ll find yourself looking for more!

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