10 Tips to Build Muscle Fast

training muscles

1. No More Than Four
Lifting weights 5 or more days a week is unnecessary and can quickly lead to over-training, especially when engaging in other physical activities, like cardio and sports.

2. Limit Workouts to 40-45 Minutes with 15-20 Total Sets
Gaining strength and building muscle within this time frame will yield optimal results, as long as you keep both intensity and mental focus.   Once you’ve trained for 45-minutes or more, you have likely depleted your energy stores and your time spent may become counterproductive.

3. Target the Big Muscles with Big Weight
Exercise basics like military presses, bench presses, squats, deadlifts, rows and chin ups are the cornerstone for dramatically reshaping your body and adding lean, rock-solid muscle.

4. Journal Progress
Accountability is one of the biggest benefits of journaling, even if you are only accountable to yourself. The act of writing everything down, or keeping track or your progress, is a strategy that is well worth the extra time and effort.

5. Change Up Reps and Range
Targeting fast and slow twitch muscle fibers helps you build muscle more effectively. When doing reps 1-20, pace from slow to fast twitch so that you stimulate a higher percentage of muscle fibers and maximize training effectiveness.   The most basic, but often overlooked, principle of weight training is progressive overload. This means that the amount of weight lifted should gradually and constantly increase in order to get overcome training plateaus and continue to achieve your goals.

6. Modify your Weight Training Program Every 3 or 4 weeks
In a span of 1 month, with the same program, you may start experiencing burnout and results may begin to plateau. Changing workouts and range of motion frequently will keep your body in an optimal muscle building state.

7. Eat the Right Foods
Building muscle as you probably know starts in the kitchen. Because proper nutrition is needed for effective body building, caloric intake should be monitored and balanced and a workout meal plan should be top priority. Consume most of your calories and carbohydrates during breakfast and limit those calories at dinner, to improve energy for the day and stay lean at night.

8. Sleep 8 Hours and Take Naps When Possible
Remember that muscle building occurs when you are at rest. Sleeping is when muscles recover and grow and depriving yourself of sleep will also negate desired gains. Do not throw away all that hard work in the gym by not getting enough sleep!

9. Promote Muscle Recovery
Proper nutrition, diet and exercise are important elements of explosive muscle growth, but it’s not all that it takes. You should be able to maximize recovery methods to facilitate faster recovery. Post-training massage, icing, stretching, recovery yoga, and even using foam rollers are a few methods to aid in recovery.

10. Find a Rock-Star Training Partner
A good training partner may be most important; you will have the support, accountability, and motivation to push you to your personal best. Its also an advantage for him, you will be his motivation to get better results on his workout exercises and a person to share his ideas.

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