10 Tips for Better Health after Cancer


Cancer is devastating and it affects nearly 5 million people annually. Many people who are stricken with cancer have a long road back to recovery, not just the mental aspects of it, but the physical parts of it, too. For those that are recovering from cancer the fight is not over. Afterwards victims can achieve greater health to get back on the road of recovery and start living a normal life again. You get better care with concierge medicine in this case because the demands for traditional care are too high.

Here are 10 tips to achieve better health after cancer.

1) Stop Smoking – It doesn’t matter whether it’s cigars or cigarettes. Smoking slows down the recovery process because good breathing is part of good recovery. When you smoke you slow down the ability to breathe effectively.

2) Balance in Diet – Diet is probably one factor that led to cancer. Diet is a way to recover from it. Balance out the diet and ensure that there are good amounts of vitamin C in it.

3) Walking or Being Active – Becoming active is always good practice anyway, but building up your strength in the aftermath of cancer is vital to help you recover and live a normal life.

4) Stop Drinking – Drinking is bad for recovery because it retards the rate of the cells to recover. The white and red blood cells need to work actively to supply the proper nutrients into the system.

5) Drug Use – If you were a perpetual user previously it’s a good idea to stop. Your body is recovering from the shock of cancer. Your body can not sustain further shock from reality-skewing drugs. Use only drugs prescribed by qualified physicians.

6) Don’t Overdo it – This might be hard for those who have to be active all the time. Your energy levels post-cancer are extremely fragile so overdoing it may cause several problems. Gradually getting back into it is key – and hard to do.

7) Get Support from Others – When you talk through it with clergy or others who have gone through your predicament, mentally you get better and it helps motivate you to get better. There is nothing wrong with finding and seeking support in this way.

8) Eat Less Barbeque or Charred Food – While this can go hand-in-hand with balanced diet, it’s important to not eat foods that are burned because they have carcinogens that are bad for the digestive tract and can lead to harmful forms of cancer.

9) Drink Lots of Water – One should drink water anyway, but drinking the daily allotted amount is always a good idea because it keeps you hydrated and it helps flush out some free radicals.

10) Get Checkups Regularly – With concierge medicine you will receive the maximum output as far as seeing care so you can see exactly how your body is reacting to post-cancer treatments.

Your health is important and it’s even more important to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after the cancer is in remission. Take the steps now to achieve better health and win the fight against cancer.

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