10 Things to Consider Before Getting Plastic Surgery

Faceial Plastic Surgeon

Faceial Plastic Surgeon

Getting plastic surgery can be a great decision. You just have to make sure you choose the right doctor and know exactly what you’re getting into before you get a procedure.

Before getting surgery you should consider that:

People Will Look at You Differently

Many people do not realize how things might change if they get plastic surgery. For example, if you are a small breasted woman that gets a breast augmentation, you have no idea what life is like for a woman with a large bust. Women can be cruel to busty women and some women make a point to try and entice the men you’re dating to cheat on you or make you look publicly silly just because you’re busty or sometimes even more so when they find out you’ve had augmentation surgery. You become competition for women that were once your friends (and even family). It can be heartbreaking and confusing. When you change your appearance drastically, you might be walking into a brand new life in more ways than one. Be ready to accept both the good and the bad.

You Absolutely Must Hire a Board Certified Surgeon

Your surgeon must be certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Do not make any exceptions no matter what anybody says. Currently, ASOPS is the only board that can guarantee that your surgeon is trained in the industry’s current best practices.

Your Surgeon Must Have a Good “Portfolio”

Though your face and body are not a website or a piece of graphic design, plastic surgery is still an art form. Make sure that you can look at your doctor’s past work and that it looks both natural and attractive. Female clients should look beautiful and the male clients should look handsome. If your friend or someone you know has had work done by the doctor, seeing his or her good work in real life is the best testimony.

It Might Be Very Painful

Reality shows make plastic surgery recovery look like an afternoon on the couch eating BonBons and gossiping with a friend. However, YOU might experience a lot of pain. Many people bounce back from surgery very quickly the second and third time they have procedures, but the first time can take some people 30 days to get back to normal.

You Need to Take Special Precautions if You’re Getting a Newer Procedure

If a procedure is new, do yourself a favor and wait at least a year before getting it done. If you can wait three years, it’s even better. Also make sure that your doctor has at least one to five years of experience with the procedure before getting it done.

The Real Cost of Surgery is More than the Doctor’s Quote

When you get surgery, you are paying for the procedure, yes, but you are also paying for your medications out of pocket, time off of work, time for your spouse to take off of work and help around the house, you might be paying for grocery delivery, extra cab rides, gauze tape and other excessive wound healing gear etc. as well.

You Might Have to Have Maintenance Procedures

Some procedures might have to be re-done every 10 to 20 years or so. Breast augmentations sometimes need to be redone between the 10 to 20 year mark and facial surgeries sometimes need upgrades as well. Make sure you ask your surgeon about this, because he probably won’t tell you up front unless your surgery needs renewals every few months to five years.

Your Surgeon Should Have Hospital Privileges

It’s best to have your surgery done in a hospital. It’s safer for you. If a doctor does all of his procedures in his office and there is no hospital close by in case of an emergency, then you might want to reconsider hiring him.

Your Anesthesiologist Must be Qualified

Anesthesia is serious business. You want to make sure that the person that is putting you under is qualified to do so. A doctor’s certificate is not enough. Make sure that the anesthesiologist is hospital qualified before going under.

Your Surgeon Should be Your Point of Contact from Start to Finish

From evaluation, to price quote to surgery, you should always be talking to your surgeon. Nurses should only be helping the doctor, not consulting you and answering your questions. Be very leery if you have little or no contact with your actual doctor.

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