10 Simple Tips to Looking Younger at 60

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Aging is a beautiful process which must be revered and appreciated, but does that mean you don’t want to look your best? Of course not! And who doesn’t want to feel a little younger now and again? With that in mind, here are 10 quick and easy adjustments you can make to your life right now which will turn back time without breaking the bank.

1. Focus on Your Skin

As everyone knows, one of the biggest telltale signs of aging happens to the skin. Thankfully, no matter what hardships your exterior has endured, there are still some basic precautions you can take to restore some of that healthy glow. For starters, be very careful of the sun, as these rays attack your elasticity, give you spots, and can cause cancer. And secondly, remember that dry skin may look older than it is, so moisturize after every shower, exfoliate weekly, and keep your face clean!

2. Update Your Wardrobe

Nothing says youth quite like a brand new style, so research the latest trends and purchase a few modernized items. Always ensure your clothes are fitted properly, and gravitate towards more warmer, matching colors. A wardrobe upgrade doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor either, as there are plenty of discounted fashion items available, as just one of the many benefits for seniors!

3. Get a New Haircut

Continuing with the stylistic alterations, a fresh haircut is a fast way to snip numbers off of your age. If your hair has been thinning as of late, go for something shorter as this will bring a bounce to your do. When it comes to grays, it’s either all or nothing, so embrace your silver or dye your hair towards a lighter color to softly frame your face.

4. Apply Your Makeup Correctly

A bag of makeup tricks is the smartest way to deceive your years, but be careful not to overdo it! Focus on shaping your eyebrows, curling your lashes, and whitening your teeth while making use of all the tutorials freely available online. As for men, simply shave your beard clean off for a younger face, instantly.

5. Get in Shape

Staying active is not only the most obvious suggestion but it’s also one of the most difficult to maintain. The key is to discover physical exercise which interests you, such as daily walks outside, senior yoga classes, or swimming. However, if you really want to feel younger while increasing your heart rate, spend your afternoons dancing around your living room!

6. Watch What You Eat

Your fitness extends to your diet too, which is why it’s important to learn about the foods that can reverse the clock. Concentrate on vitamin A (carrots, sweet potatoes, kale), vitamin C (citrus fruits), and omega-3 fatty acids (fish, nuts, seeds) for cell regeneration and collagen production. Fiber is also recommended to keep your system active and prevent you from feeling sluggish. Finally, hydration is essential for good looking skin, so constantly top yourself up with water.

7. Be Social

Live your life and participate in any occasion where you can enjoy the company of others. If you have grandkids, then surround yourself with their boundless energy and try to keep up. If you don’t have grandkids, then volunteer to help out at a school event. It will not only be a fulfilling use of your time, but you may also inherit a bit of their enthusiasm by association.

8. Quit All Bad Habits

Even if you ignore the increased chances of a faster death, cigarettes deprive your skin of oxygen, which may cause deep crevices and alter its coloring. If you are struggling to quit, click here for help, and while you’re at it, please ensure that your alcohol consumption is enjoyed in moderation too.

9. Smile Often

An angry face will not only scare the neighborhood children away but will also leave you looking grumpy and haggard. A simple smile radiates from the face, making you seem happy and assured of your place in life. Fake it until you make it, as even an ingenuine smile can lead to a laugh and a bounce in your step.

10. Get Some Rest

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason, so do your cells a favor, and let them rejuvenate while you rest up. A lack of sleep is not only bad for the skin but your facial expression will also be one of total exhaustion. Purchase some satin pillowcases, wipe off that makeup, and go to bed early, preferably with someone else involved for that extra special hormonal shine.

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