10 Simple Tips on How to Live Long and Healthy Life

how to live long

Live long life – you might have got this pray from your elders, your friends and your loved ones. Do you know what the secret of living long and healthy life is? Bring changes in life style and include regular work out in daily life. Here is a guide to help you in live a happy and healthy life for longer years.

Get Relaxed With More Tea

Tea carries antioxidants that are required for keeping body young for longer. Green tea in particular, is a long life secret. Few cups of tea on daily basis will boost your brain and will lower the stress.

Eat Enough But Eat Slowly

Good diet makes a body healthy and strong. If you eat fats, you are consuming more calories and it will lead to ward obesity. Eat slowly but nutritious food only.

Lower Your Blood Pressure With Proper Relaxing

Rough work routines make you tired. Relaxing is needed by body to give rest to different body organs and enhance their performance. Make habit of relaxing your stressed nerves for some time each day. Give no way to stressing thoughts at that time and be positive toward life.

Chocolate Makes Heart Healthy

Rich chocolate carries cocoa that is a good antioxidant. It lowers the damage caused to a body due to aging. Include few spoons of dark chocolate in your daily diet. Don’t forget to include those chocolate calories in daily consumption.

Physical Tests Are Necessary On Regular Intervals. – Track any diseases with proper and timely tests. Go for regular tests on yearly basis and make it sure after 20’s.

Maintain Record Of Medical History – What’s happening with you, what’s common disease in your family; all that information should be kept in proper record. It will help an easy consultation with your doctor, if there is any disturbance at your health scene. It will also facilitate right treatment at right time.

Keep Yourself Safe From Accidents

Be cautious about your health. Avoid health risks and be careful while driving to stay away from accidents.

Exercise Keeps Your Body Fit

Becoming active in routine life will help you in staying healthy and living younger. Regular work out will affect your energy, stamina, and mood swings. Try to do work out three times in a single week.

Fish Oil – Sharpen Your Brain

Best fish oil is omega 3 that improves memory and brain functioning. Fish should be included in weekly food. Fish oil supplements can also do the magic is, natural supply is not possible.

Say No To Bad Habits

Smoking is bad for health. It’s not easy to quit it at once, but don’t lose heart and keep trying through monthly cuts in cigarette count. Also say good bye to any other bad habits that can prove to be dangerous for your health in the long run.

Living a long and healthy life might be your dream, but how to make that dream true depends on your own will. Eat healthy diet and do regular exercise for improving the chances of having good health.

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