10 Rules for success affirmations or how to program yourself for success!

You cannot always control what happens, but you can influence the meanings of the events, and create a world that is better suited to you and gives to you. Life experiences do not simply impose themselves without your consent. Thus, this article will help you re-frame and recreate the way you give meaning to certain experiences of your life by using affirmations. This term denotes that strong and positive statement about the world as you want to experience.Success affirmations
You will be able to create your own following affirmations following ten simple rules:

1. Describe the world the way you want to experiment it, not the way that you already experiment it.

Example: I have a great job. I have the ideal partner.

2. Use the most positive way possible to express your affirmation. Never use negation.
Example: Instead of saying “I’m no longer tired in the morning.”,rather say “I wake up early every morning bursting with life and energy.”

4. Always use the present tense in affirmations, never the future.

Example: “I look wonderful and I feel great.” (Rather than following statement: “I will look wonderful.”)

4. Strengthen the feelings you want to strengthen, don’t use affirmations to destroy the emotions you want.

Example: “I love the world and the world loves me.” is better than “I could not care less about those who have been ungrateful to me and with whom I’ve had so many difficulties.”

5. Express affirmations with emotional intensity, even if you do not really believe in them yet.

Example: “I am surrounded by abundance, nature supports me in every way.”

6. Have the courage to develop an alternative and a new sense of reality. You don’t have to deny your current reality.

Example: “I have a full and rich life.” Works better than “I have a huge amount of money in the bank.”

7. Keep in mind that the shorter and more specific your affirmations are, the more effective they will be.

Example: “I am a money-making machine.” is better than “I deserve much more, I will always find people and projects that help me earn more money.”

8. Always choose or create affirmations that fit perfectly with the way you want to feel and experience reality.

Example: “I can handle every challenge of life.”

9. Remember that your affirmations are about how you want to perceive the world. Nobody else has to approve.

Example: “Everyone I meet loves me as much as they are able to do it.

10. Use a statement as long as it suits you. You can change your statements whenever and as often as you like.

Example: “I have the best role in this company.

Other examples of statements:

I feel the magic in life every day.

I am brave and confident.

I trust myself and others trust me.

I will risk making mistakes.

I can handle situations in my life.

I am in charge and I decide.

My life is an adventure.

I am surrounded by love and abundance.

My life is rich and precious.

I create joy and harmony.

Change comes from my heart.

I can fly when I take things lightly.

I have a strong impact on those around me.

I can find the magic even in the most difficult moments.

I’m the best I can and that is enough.

Using affirmations every day

Affirmations are to be repeated aloud 10 to 20 times continuously. The shower is a great place for this exercise, or in front of the mirror, or when driving on your way to. You could also write them  two or three times on a piece of paper.
The great part of this exercise is that it is fast, flexible and very powerful in helping you to experience the world in a new way. Try them and enjoy them!

Kate Burton, Brinley Platts, Building Confidence for Dummies

A good example of how to use these affirmations in front of the mirror in the morning and start a great day. 🙂

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