10 Reasons to Breast-feed Your Baby

The health benefits of breast feeding are endless, both for your baby and you! Here are my top reasons to breast-feed your baby:

1.  Breast milk is considered the ideal food for your baby through the first six months. It constantly changes to meet the unique needs of your baby – amazing!

2.  Breast-feeding helps your uterus return to its pre-pregnancy shape faster.

3.  Breast-feeding may help reduce childhood obesity. Breast-fed babies are able to regulate their eating and get that full feeling earlier during the feeding time.

4.  Breast-feeding causes the breast cells to specialize which can help prevent breast cancer.

5.  Breast-feeding helps moms relax through the release of Oxytocin, also known as the bonding hormone.

6.  Breast-feeding can help you lose the belly and thigh fat after pregnancy (that’s good news!)

7.  Breast-feeding exclusively burns an extra 300-500 calories through the first six months.

8.  Research suggests that breast-fed babies have higher I.Q.’s.

9.  Breast-feeding is convenient.

10. Breast-feeding is free! (that’s really good news)

Breast-feeding is for a short season but it is by far one of the best things you can do to directly influence your child’s overall nutrition and health for a lifetime. Think about it and if you can and choose to – do it!

Are you thinking about breast-feeding? If you breast-fed your baby what was your experience like? Share your comments below!

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