10 Metabolism-Boosting Foods That You Should Know About


Metabolism is the key to healthy and natural weight loss, which is the reason that it becomes a critical parameter for weight watchers. The higher it is, the more calories you are able to burn and the easier it becomes to get rid of the unwanted fat. If you are looking to lose weight and maintain it the healthy way, the prime focus should be on revving up your metabolic rate.

There are certain factors that determine the metabolic rate; these include the ones that you cannot influence (like your age, gender and genetics) and those you can control (such as physical activity, dietary choices and lifestyle). Eating certain foods can help you in increasing your metabolism naturally and supplement your weight loss efforts. Here are some of the foods that you should prioritize for boosting your metabolism.

Metabolism-boosting spices

Spices such as ginger, cayenne pepper, black pepper, cinnamon and mustard are highly efficacious for pumping up the metabolic rate. Having them as herbal concoctions or adding them to your everyday cooking can do wonders for stimulating the fat loss process and enabling weight maintenance the healthy and natural way.

Natural coolers

A latest study has indicated that staying hydrated and cool can be effective for maintaining a high metabolic rate. This can be easily done by consuming naturally cooling foods such as cucumbers and melons. Not only do these foods help you keep cool but also balance the bodily fluid as well.

Apple cider vinegar

A superb health drink, apple cider vinegar is capable of boosting metabolism to a considerable extent. Animal studies have shown it to be helpful for fat burning, which promotes weight loss. Beyond increasing your metabolic rate, it also serves the benefit of enhancing the satiated feeling. As a result, you end up eating less and losing weight naturally.

Protein-rich foods

The article “10 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism, Naturally” from Nutritional Cleanse explains that eating the right amount of protein is one of the best ways to improve your metabolism. Including high-protein food sources such as fish, meat, eggs, nuts, legumes and dairy in your daily diet is recommended if you are trying to pump up your metabolism and lose weight.

Zinc, iron and selenium rich foods

Another food group that is effective in this context is the one that is high in minerals such as zinc, iron and selenium. The reason is that these minerals regulate the functioning of the thyroid gland, which stimulates the hormone that controls the metabolic function. Nuts and seeds, legumes, meat and seafood are some of the foods that come under this category.


The kick that you feel after drinking a cup of coffee is attributed to the fact that it is a natural metabolic booster. Coffee contains caffeine which may promote fat burning for energy production. It can also effectively boost your workout performance as well. Though coffee is favored as a metabolism boosting drink, its effects may vary from individual to individual.


Like coffee, tea is another magic drink that does wonders for your metabolic rate. While coffee is high in caffeine, tea contains a combination of caffeine and catechins. Together, these natural chemicals play a key role in stimulating your metabolic function. Green tea and oolong tea are particularly effective to promote the process of fat burning.

Pulses and legumes

Pulses and legumes are rich sources of proteins, which require a greater number of calories to be digested. Further, they are high in fiber content, a nutrient that strengthens the good bacteria in your gut. They also contain a protein called amino acids, which are responsible for increasing the calorie burning process during digestion. This amazing combination of nutrients makes pulses and legumes ideal for metabolism boost.

Vitamin-D rich foods

Vitamin D is an essential mineral that is derived from the sunlight. It plays a key role in the absorption of calcium. Additionally, its deficiency can lead to slow metabolism. Besides exposure to sunlight, you can have more of vitamin D rich foods such as mushrooms, eggs, fish, tofu and soya milk.

Green vegetables

If you want to rev up your metabolism naturally, going green is a great idea. Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, celery and asparagus not only boost your energy reserves but also double up as storehouses of nutrients such as iron, minerals and proteins.

Including these foods and drinks in your daily diet is the secret to losing weight while eating healthy. Just think of some wonderful recipes with these amazing ingredients and get your metabolic rate going up.

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    Metabolism and detoxification is it the same thing? I’m not really sure but I like that you’ve enumerated the specifics of what food to eat, I’m struggling with my weight and I want to be better so this is where I begin.

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